10 Creative Industry Jobs To Apply To Right Now

10 Creative Industry Jobs to Apply to Right Now

Alexa, start my glow-up.

That sign you’ve been looking for is right here. The time has come for you to get back out there on the job-hunting scene. First, though, we’re going to need you to spruce up your resume and then delve into these 10 hot career opportunities of the week. These gigs are mostly editorial, marketing, and PR. If there is an industry you’d like for us to include in the next round, tweet us or drop it down in the comments.

Reminder: Stop talking yourself out of opportunities. You’re qualified and you’re worthy. Now, go get it.

News Video Producer, Genius

Editorial Assistant, Digital Platforms, People Magazine

Community Support Manager, EmpowerYou, Inc.

Social Media Coordinator, LIVELY

Interactive One Lifestyle News Producer

NIKE Senior Media Relations Director

Social Media Marketing Director, Prudential

Player Social Media Initiatives Coordinator, NFL Network

Coordinator Global Brand Communications, Coach

Social Media Associate, ACLU

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