10 Ways to Slay Your August Because There’s Still Time

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Is it just us or was the month of July incredibly slow and sluggish? Those 31 days exemplified the “dog days of summer” theory, and we couldn’t be happier to see it leave. Bye, July!

With a new month comes a slew of new challenges and we’re welcoming August with open arms. It’s the last real month of the summer and we want you to get the most out of what is left. Here are 10 ways you can slay your August like a dragon.

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1. Clean up your workspace

The time has come to finally organize your bills and put important paperwork in appropriate spots. You can also capitalize off of the back to school sales by refilling your stationary now. Head to Staples and ball out on notepads to jot down your awesome ideas.

2. Clean out your fridge

We’re not judging you for failing to dispose of that three-day-old Chinese takeout. (Ok, maybe we are just a little.) Get your kitchen life in order, girl. Put yesterday’s garbage in the trash, check your food’s expiration dates and wipe up any lingering spills. Happy cleaning!

3. Reorganize your beauty space

We’re looking at you beauty junkies and your 95 shades of Ruby Woo. For this month, try to find 5 new hues from your cluttered stash to add into your rotation and give some of those dupes to your little sister.

4. Refresh your budget

Okay, so in addition to July being slow, things might have gotten out of hand on the finance front. Well, no need to worry because you can always start over. Plug your money into a budget app like Mint or keep it old school and DIY it with an excel spreadsheet to categorize every bill and expense. Be sure to add a column for fun and savings.

5. Create an end-of-summer bucket list

Didn’t make that 2-hour drive to the beach or to The Carters’ OTRII tour? The deadline for outside play is steadily approaching. Make a list of 2-3 must-attend events and actually go! You can do it.

6. Jumpstart your fall wardrobe

We can’t stop the temps from dropping or the leaves from falling, but at least we can celebrate next season’s fashions! Grab a September issue and plot accordingly. Pick out three items to put on your must-have list.

7. Refresh your resume

There’s no better time like the present to look back and take in all the amazing work you’ve done on your 9-5. Take a hard look at your achievements and give them a bullet point.

8. Update your vision board

Make your vision for the rest of 2018 crystal clear with a vision board update. New seasons come with new ambitions and you should jot them down.

9. Go back to the gym

Kudos to you if you’ve maintained your summertime fine up until now, but now is not the time to let those membership dues go to waste. Keep working on that body.

10. Visit your loved ones

Check on family members and friends — many of whom might be heading off to college or starting an intense new job. Go have a face-to-face with your loved ones before you hibernate for fall and winter.

Did we miss anything? What are ways you plan on slaying the rest of the summer? Leave them down in the comments.

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