Now That The #10YearChallenge Hype Is Over, Let’s Reflect

10 year challenge
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I was averse to participating in the viral #10YearChallenge, but the gravitational pull of #FOMO did its job. After seeing everyone’s old pictures on my timeline for most of the day, I headed straight for my old Facebook albums to get a piece of the action. Side note: I just realized all of my photos from my early to late twenties only exist on Facebook and that’s a problem I need to fix.

The challenge, which quicked off in my social media circles as #HowHardDidAgingHitYou (eye roll), was supposed to be a fun way to look at how we changed physically over the years, but I couldn’t help but to sink into the emotional nostalgia it brought out of me.

Here are my reflections on the viral #10YearChallenge.

10 years ago I was child-less, mate-less, and floundering in my career. I was in a situation-ship and wondering when the hell was he going to text me back. I lived in an apartment in Flatbush, Brooklyn with three other roommates that had a suspicious mouse problem. I was heavily involved in my sorority (DST – OO-OOP!), and I loved to travel.

Whatever happened to that girl? I’ll tell you what happened! That girl lucked up on a full-time job in her career field and got serious about her trajectory. A few job hops and promotions later, that girl went from negotiating payment arrangements with Sallie Mae to investing in a 401K. She also decided she was ready to bring a child into the world. Now that girl is a mother of a 16-month old baby boy, laid-off, and thinking entrepreneurship looks kind of sexy.

Here are my reflections on the viral #10YearChallenge.

Overall, the challenge taught me that growth happens whether we like it or not. If I could transport back to my old self, I’d bring back my care-free attitude and thirst for thrill and adventure. I miss hanging out with my friends every weekend and I definitely miss catching flights and posting shots of my boarding pass to social media. If anything, this challenge reminded me that time flies by fast and I have to remain proactive in my own happiness. Can’t wait to see #HowHardAgingHitsMe when I turn 43.

Did you participate in the challenge? If so, what did you learn? Chime in below!

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One comment on “Now That The #10YearChallenge Hype Is Over, Let’s Reflect

  • Shannon , Direct link to comment

    Lol I did the challenge as well! Man I miss the tighter skin, fuller hair lol..and I’m only 36 now! Like you I did reflect on the last 10 years..& you know I’m happier now. I no who I am & I’m comfortable in my skin. Like you said, growth and change will keep coming! We are blessed!

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