How To Establish A Budget, So You Can Travel Your Heart Out

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Strolling on social media and seeing beautiful photographs that were taken from Iceland, Morocco, Brazil, hell even Wyoming, could strike up a definite series of FOMO. But, who says you can’t go somewhere that’s as picturesque or hop on a plane those exact places?

Wait! Before those two previous sentences inspired you to pull up a traveling website, be aware that, according to CNN, in 2021 American citizens will need to apply for a visa before freely traveling to and from 26 countries in Europe — also known as the Schengen Areas. Americans only have two more years to go backpacking without formal documents and stay across the pond for up to 90 days.

Now that you know, it’s time to plan.

While everyone has major responsibilities that are more important than trying to keep up with the Jones’, there are ways you can save a few coins, still pay your monthly bills and travel.

Here are a few tips to get to your travel bucket list moving.

Saving App(s)
Depending on which bank you use to hold your money, some tend to unjustly charge monthly fees if a certain amount of money is not held in the checking and/or saving accounts. While that’s not okay especially when you want to use your savings account for travel, don’t utilize it like that anymore. There are several apps available for you to save seamlessly.

I can personally attest to Qapital. After connecting your chosen account to the app, you will start saving immediately and not even realize it. Qapital allows you to save whatever amount to nearest dollar and you can set whatever amount extra to save. For example, you spend $12.01 at Sephora and your set it to save $3 after every purchase, then $3.99 goes to the Qapital app. If your account has under $100, the app automatically stops pulling fund into the account. You can set a vacation goal and can withdraw without any fees at anytime.

Other apps like Chime and Digit (fees after a 100-day free trial) has received rave reviews for saving assistance.

Become a Member
I know. I know. You’re inbox is already jam packed with emails from all the companies you have credit cards and memberships with. Why not join travel websites too?! You’ll get email alerts about your favorite and/or dream destinations during your chosen dates that will save you time from digging through the websites for hours. Not to mention, once you start booking through those websites like Expedia, JetBlue and American Airlines, you will earn points that can go towards free hotel rooms, car rentals, coupons.

Book Separate
This concept may seem anti-bundle and saving options travel website swear by, but if you purchase an inexpensive flight to Turkey and stay in an Airbnb, you’ll save more money than you think. Several countries throughout Europe, Central America, the Caribbean and Asia have Airbnb rates that are extremely lower than commercial hotel prices. Careful planning and mapping out the location of the Airbnb is recommended as locations that are the cheapest are miles away from the action travelers are seeking.

Under The Mattress
For those who can’t seem to keep money in their savings accounts in the bank may want to try this old school method. Get an old shoe box, wallet or container and put money into it every week. There’s several online money-saving challenges where this hiding method can assist. If you’re like most people and don’t normally carry cash, after every paycheck, withdraw between $60 to $100. Try to discipline yourself to use the cash to purchase small purchases throughout the work week. By the time Friday evening rolls around, look in your wallet and whatever is left behind — even if it’s $1 — put it in the hiding place and walk away. Repeat every week or biweekly. Give yourself a personal deadline to check in on your savings and count. I did this one for lent and ended up saving $300 in 40 days.

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