Here are 32 things you can hire someone to do for you

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There’s been all this talk about self-care, luxuriating, and carving in that much needed “me time,” but how can you do all that with a to-do list that’s a block and a half long? Treating yourself to one hour of self-care can turn into a whole Saturday of binging your favorite Netflix show on the couch — trust me, I know.


What if I told you that you don’t have to be this perfectionist who spends her whole weekend mopping floors, dusting, and paying bills? Well, I’m saying exactly that.

Life is too short to spend your Sunday buried under a mountain of laundry.

Below is a list of 32 things you can pay someone else to do for you because you absolutely deserve it.

Disclaimer: Obviously, you aren’t going to do these all at once because then you’d be broke, but pick your favorites.

1. Hire a maid

Let’s get the most obvious offload out the way.

2. Order your groceries

I started doing this three months ago and it is seriously life-changing. I never have to wait in long lines at Walmart again.

3. Hello, laundry pick-up

Yup. I no longer do my own laundry. At first, I was super self-conscious about someone prying into my most personal belongings, but I realize that’s their job and now I’m totally cool with it.

4. Get Audible to have your books read to you

Okay, this is hella lazy, but why not? No judgment here.

5. Set up automatic bill pay

We should all be doing this to avoid unnecessary fees from forgotten credit card payments.

6. Hire a tutor for your kid

At least one day a week you can have someone else try to remember long division.

7. Get your kid into a Saturday activity

Because a few hours of peace and quiet over the weekend is essential.

8. Moving? Hire a moving company

Some companies will even supply the boxes.

9. Hire an at-home glam squad

Hair? Makeup? Nails? Yes, there’s an app for that. Check out Swivel Beauty.

10. Hire a dog walker

You can check out a professional service or hire a *responsible* teen looking to make a couple of bucks.

11. Hire a masseuse who makes house calls

Now, this is doing self-care right.

12. Get in an Uber

If you must leave your house, do so with a car waiting outside.

13. Hire a professional organizer to clean out your closet

Goodbye, clutter. It’s like I never knew ya.

14. Pay someone to wash your car

Trips to the car wash are so time-consuming.

15. Order something special for dinner

How does sushi sound?

16. Sign up for a meal delivery service to take care of meal prep for the week

Blue Apron and Hello Fresh delivers ingredients and recipes to your doorstep.

17. Put your beauty shopping on auto-pilot with a subscription box.

No more wasting time when services like CurlBox and Birchbox brings the beauty aisle to your doorstep.

18. Skip the trek to the gym and invite your personal trainer over for a workout

Be prepared for the quickest workout ever.

19. Order gift or greeting cards to have at the ready for a birthday bash

Let your loved one do all the shopping–they know what they want.

20. Hire a resume writer to assist in your job search

Job hunting is already tough as it is, so why now have someone take a bulk of the work off your hands?

21. Pay someone to do your taxes or handle your accounting

Never have another TurboTax meltdown again.

22. Hire a realtor to find your next apartment

Apartment hunting is a total time and gas suck.

23. Hire a social media manager

Are you a blogger or business owner? Let someone else tweet to your followers.

24. Hire a stylist to prep your outfits for the week

Look fabulous in half the time.

25. Hire a travel agent to book your next vacation

Although, it’s pretty darn relaxing to troll the interwebs for vacation spots.

26. Become the “Calendar Queen”

Set up alerts on your phone so that you won’t miss important dates

27. Get a crock pot… and use it

I swear you can just walk away and let your food cook itself

28. Pay someone to sweep around your door or shovel snow

Or tend to your weeds if you have a garden

29. Don’t spend all day putting together that Ikea bookshelf

Hire a handyman.

30. Hire someone to add the final touches to a big presentation

Blow your boss and colleagues away at the next meeting.

31. Get a budget app to manage your finances

Don’t spend all day crunching numbers.

32. Hire a life coach so things won’t get this crazy again

It’s all about the Namaste. Have a life coach Feng shui your affairs.

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