It’s Time We Finally Discuss The Slayage Of Angela Rye

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You know Angela Rye, the assertive political pundit who puts clueless gas-lighters to shame on CNN and Twitter. But how familiar are you with Angela Rye, the style savant who consistently breaks necks on the red carpet and in your Instagram feed?

Rye, 38, made a name for herself during the 2016 general election, boldly taking on the Trump regime and all its bigotry and hate.

Since then, she hasn’t let up.

She’s fought hard to see to it that the nation’s political landscape looks more inclusive and diversified by campaigning for people like Stacey Abrams.

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She stands up for women like Rep. Maxine Waters, Joy Ann-Reid, and April Ryan — all of whom faced a litany of ridiculous criticism from the way they speak to their appearances. She shows up for the culture by educating on policy via her podcast and on the TV news circuit.

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Put simply, Rye has a lot to juggle and she does it all with a fierce beat and a mean stiletto heel.

As her star continues to rise, the IMPACT Strategies CEO seeks style advice from of InStyle Editor Kahlana Barfield-Brown to nail down her signature look.


“I’ve always cared about appearance and making sure that I was together, but Kahlana makes sure I’m extra together,” Rye told Vanity Fair in March.

The dynamic duo are both Seattle natives and work together to bring to life the image you see today.

“The hair, the makeup, and all that stuff—making sure you’re together takes a lot of work,” Rye told the magazine. “People think it’s a lot of glamour, but, man, it is a whole lot of work.”

Check out the video below to see Angela Rye’s best fashion looks.

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