Atlanta’s Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Asked Her Whole Cabinet to Resign and We All Need to Watch This Space

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“Yoooooo!” — that’s the sound of people who don’t even live in Georgia reacting to the news that Atlanta’s newly installed head honcho, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, asked her entire 35-member cabinet to hand in their resignations and she will later decide who gets to keep their job or hit the unemployment line.

Seeing that headline immediately sent a chill down my spine.

Word on the street is, Lance Bottoms has already disconnected the phone lines of top officials who remained after she took over after Kasim Reed.


How refreshing is it to see a politician — who just so happens to be a black woman name Keisha — really be about that life.

What she has done exemplifies what it means to be a thoughtful leader with a plan. Aside from the policy platform she ran on, no one really knows what’s up her sleeve, but you can bet that whatever it is, is going to be big.

A post shared by Mayor Keisha Bottoms (@keishabottoms) on As excited as I am about the pure unabashed bossy-ness of that move, I have to admit I am also a teensy bit afraid.

We’re still living in a time when people are feigning excitement about diversity and inclusion while secretly hoping the wage, opportunity, and advancement gaps for minority groups stay the same.

We covered how white men react when a black woman rises to power, and let’s just say a promotion for a woman of color isn’t always accepted with open arms.

I fear that she will come under attack from people on both sides. I fear that the people will lose faith because we often aren’t ready to accept what we asked for.

But even with the existence of all of those fears, we have to also know that Keisha earned her spot and the people have put their trust in her.

My fingers remain tightly crossed that her agenda will not be stunted by those who fail to see the big picture.

The 60th Mayor of Atlanta is a black woman named Keisha and it goes without saying that some people just aren’t comfortable with that. But I guess they’ll have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable because Keisha isn’t playing.

Photo via Keisha Lance Bottoms

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