A Belated Ayesha Curry, Red Table Talk Take

Ayesha Curry Red Table Talk
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Ayesha Curry’s ‘Red Table Talk’ discussion brought on a lot of scrutiny about the very real and totally relatable insecurities she has in her marriage to Steph Curry.

Ayesha Curry and the Curry ladies joined Jada Pinkett Smith for a sitdown on her meteoric ‘Red Table Talk’ series last week. The ladies — Ayesha, Steph Curry’s mom, sister, and future sister-in-law plus Willow and Jada’s mom, discussed how they make their high-pressured marriages work.

Unfortunately, exhausted by all the ridiculous hot takes that ran amok on this here internet, I never got around to putting my thoughts to WordPress when the topic was hot. Better late than never, I think every real one felt Ayesha on that level.

When you have a man who is understanding, supportive, loving, driven, attractive, family-oriented, successful, handsome, God-fearing, rich (wink) and the list goes on, the need to feel desired becomes more palpable than ever. You need to feel it when you walk into a room. You need to sense it with every text and at the end of every phone call. Add three baby busy-bodies to the equation and that need multiplies. I feel you, sis.

Your partner can give you all the love in the world and because you’re overwhelmed by that love it can still feel like it’s not enough.

When I first sat down to watch the episode this encompassing feeling of pride took over me. There at the table sat a group of black women in loving relationships with black men. And not just any kind of relationship — these beautiful black couples birthed multiple children, businesses, brands, and future legacies.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to be with someone who has their eyes on the same prize as you. Funny enough, that experience received far less attention than Ayesha’s revelation. Like any other mom with three kids under 5 strapped to her she wished guys paid as much attention to her as the ladies do Steph Curry. Completely normal, and if you don’t get that there is something wrong with you.

And, of course, given Ayesha’s past tweets, that gentle moment of vulnerability took on a whole new life of its own. I wish black women got half the breaks as other people. Regardless of what she may have tweeted in her immature years, the hate was far from warranted.  

But let me wrap this up. I can’t thank Jada enough for making RTT a thing because it is so needed. That episode proves once again that black women don’t have the privilege of vulnerability and freedom.

I pray that we can learn to appreciate our flaws and our growth because none of us are without either one. Let’s also applaud Steph Curry for being the stand-up husband he is for celebrating his wife’s openness and truth.

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