Cardi B’s pregnancy news was hers to make when she felt ready

Cardi B is a pregnant woman.

Our favorite regular smegular rapper classically revealed her soon-to-be bundle of joy in a form-fitting white gown during her second performance on “Saturday Night Live.”

All week long, since she dropped her debut album, “Invasion of Privacy,” she had been keeping her mid-section costumed in huge tent-shaped dresses, which gave the world a clue that she was expecting.

The comment sections of The Shade Room were filled with negative opinions calling her “wack” for not just revealing the “damn thing.” Yes, I saw a comment that referred to her unborn child as a thing.

Well, here’s a good old newsflash: no matter high-profile, real, or transparent the woman, a pregnancy announcement is always hers to share when she’s good and goddamn ready.

I will never understand why outsiders — be it your second cousin, boss, or a follower on Instagram — feel like they have an all-access pass inside your uterus.

I’ve been in Cardi’s shoes. The fear of being judged by world ain’t fun.

Let’s consider the fact that she’s under a huge amount of pressure to succeed and couple that with society’s patriarchal standards that a woman should be married and of a certain age to determine what she should do with her body.

Women have been having babies since the dawn of time, so it’s baffling that we still don’t understand that carrying a child is one of the most stress-inducing events in a woman’s life.

A post shared by Remy Ma (@remyma) on So gloat all you want about how you “already knew” because that’s irrelevant.

Pregnancy discrimination has a real impact on all expectant mothers regardless of wealth, fame or social stature. In 1964, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act was signed, stating women must be treated equal to their peers, but here in 2018 we’re still losing out on opportunities for promotions and jobs, which is screwed up in itself.

This may not be Cardi B’s exact reality, but I’m sure she was met with the fear of having her release date pushed back because being a pregnant rapper is uncommon and deemed a risky investment.

The point is, we need to learn to be genuinely happy for people.

Seven months along and strong, let’s applaud Cardi for having the courage to do things her way.

Images via Cardi B’s Instagram / Rolling Stone

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