Black Girls CODE’s tech learning lab coming to Google’s HQ

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Black Girls CODE is taking their mission of educating young women of color for careers in STEM to the next level by creating a hands on technology exploratory lab for young girls.

BGC’s founder Kimberly Bryant teamed up with Danish Kurani, the founder of Kurani, an architectural design studio dedicated to building interactive spaces, to bring a real life science lab like the one Shuri has in Wakanda.

Not exactly like Shuri’s lab, but I’m sure Kurani’s blue prints will create a dope ass space.

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The learning lab will be housed at Google’s New York City’s headquarters. The almost 4000-square foot space began construction in June and is slated to open in the fall.

One of labs will be called the “Play Pen” where young ladies will literally crack open already existing products like the Android I’m typing on and figure out how it works.

“When you remove the mysterious shell, the girls can see that tech is just parts and pieces, hardware and software they can tinker with and design themselves,” said Kurani in a statement.

You know, like how a detective probes a suspect until they crack and give a full confession. And as the suspect breaks down the detective realizes he or she was acting out because of a repressed trauma. Okay, I watch way too much Law & Order, but you get my drift.

According to News One, the space will also feature interactive gaming products tied to virtual reality and will host hack-a-thons, tech panels and workshops, and other events.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with the team at Kurani to bring our first design lab to life and to create a space which centers our tech divas as tech innovators and allows them to tap into their inner Shuris to build the technology which will shape all of our future tomorrows,” said Bryant.

This is so exciting! Definitely have to sign my nieces up.

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