The Boppy Flopped: My Search For Third Trimester Back Pain Relief Continues

Boppy Pregnancy Pillow Review
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Pregnancy-Advice-Maternity-DiariesIt seems like everywhere I go I bump (no pun intended) into a fellow “preggie” and we instantly have a friendship full of exchanges about how nobody understands what we are going through. Okay, so we aren’t the first pregnant women in history, but don’t judge us. It just feels good to know you’re understood if only for 8 minutes while in the express line at Shoprite.

One day at a “Black Girls Beach Day” event, I met a lovely expectant mom — two times over — a.k.a. she’s having twins. She asked me how I was feeling and I expressed to her that my third trimester has brought me nothing but sleepless nights. Then, I divulged the makeup of my nightly routine.

I told her about the Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow that my boyfriend gifted me, probably around week 5 of this pregnancy. It’s been amazing, I must say, but now that I have a lot more “love” (I’m big as hell) it’s not serving the same purpose.

BlueStone Pregnancy Pillow

It felt like the perfect boo initially. I could snuggle and put my leg on it, fluff it, use it as a backrest — and it never talked back! Sadly, those comfy nights with my fluffy honey has come to an abrupt end.

I’ve added pillows…I’ve added blankets…still nothing works. I think my actual boyfriend might need his own bed soon if I add anything else for comfortable sleep. *Shrugs*

Twin Mom, as I called her the entire beach visit, told me about the Boppy wedge pillow. She said it helped her relieve so much pressure from the weight by propping up her belly. I’ve officially passed the stage where you can sleep on your back, plus I feel like I’m suffocating myself when I try.

The very next day I began my shopping for this Boppy pillow that was supposed to save my nights. Bae and I went to about eight stores and although they had them online, they didn’t have them in store. I was severely disappointed. You would have thought I was at a restaurant that told me they ran out of turkey bacon.

I went to Bed Bath and Beyond because I had a crap ton of coupons and I told myself that they just had to have it.

After 28 minutes and a cart full of things we didn’t go there for, I asked a store associate for help locating the Boppy. Unfortunately for me, they also didn’t have it in store but would be able to ship it in 3-6 business days with free shipping.

*Eye rolls*

I caved and decided to go for it. $12.79 and 3 business days later (yes I had a coupon) I received my pillow in the mail. I was so excited.

I ripped my pillow out that double packaging so fast you would have thought I was saving it from a fire. I didn’t bother to disinfect it like I normally would have because I’m a germaphobe…again, don’t judge me.

Finally, here comes the big test: I’m on progesterone pills daily for the baby, so I get drowsy which is beneficial because I’d never sleep.

It. does. NOT. work. for. me.

It was uncomfortable. I couldn’t figure out a good spot that didn’t feel like it was hurting my stomach or blocking my air path. It’s a decent backrest, but I already have enough of those. I’m pretty disappointed. I had high hopes for a good night’s sleep with my new pillow buddy but FAIL.

I’m definitely considering a return. They had other shapes and sizes that I’ll consider at some point of desperation, but for now, I’m over it. I guess I’ll have to tough it out and just admire my boyfriend as he sleeps comfortably like an angel (and yes I’m being sarcastic).

Overall, I’d rate this product 2 out of 5 stars. And mostly because of the petite size and pillow cover decoration is kind of cute. Whomp! My search continues.

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