Cardi B, Offset Announce Divorce: Was Too Much Social Media Affection The Cause?

Cardi B, Offset Announce Divorce: Was Too Much Social Media Affection The Cause?
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Going through a break-up — whether it’s with a boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife — to be frank, the s**t sucks. It especially sucks when your former significant other moves on into another relationship faster than you, and is displaying social media affection (SMA) every damn day.

Believe me, I know this firsthand and concocted the term SMA after seeing my ex-husband oversharing his new life weeks after serving divorce papers — an act he never did with me for 13 years, but I digress.

So, before you pull your hair and cry your eyes out trying to understand the 5Ws of what your ex is doing, STOP!

Like we told you in our FOMO post, take the first step and unfollow/block/unfriend that toxic from your life. It’s the best solution for healing and a guaranteed way to move on.

I know! I know! You can’t help but create an incognito account just to spy. Stop! And don’t use your friends to spy either.

The truth of the matter is we cannot look at every couple that shows social media affection hour-by-hour and think they are the happiest, perfect couple and you wished you were them.

Every relationship has issues and the ones that overly SMA tend to have the biggest.

Case in point, just last week Cardi B. and Offset were happily married (or so we thought.) She posted a video swooning over wanting to f**k him on Nov. 24. Hell, Cardi got a whole ass song with homey’s name all up in through it. But guess what? Cardi took to Instagram during the early morning of Dec. 5 and announced they’re splitting up.


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There you go..peace and love

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I actually appreciated Cardi’s announcement because couples who social media affection should let everyone know the ups and downs of their relationship since they let everyone become involved with each post.

Yes, Cardi is a celebrity but she’s the most real one you’ll ever find in VH1 so when she was in love, we believed it. Some would even post in her comments that they wished their relationship was like theirs. Now what?

Still want to harp over SMA?

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