No, Cassie Didn’t Waste Her Life Waiting For A Ring From Diddy

Cassie and Diddy Split, Breakup
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I always found it interesting how the people of the internet can instantly turn into private investigators, divorce lawyers, and marital counselors even—the occupation according to the situation, of course—whenever something happens. This latest news of Cassie and Diddy’s breakup is no different. According to various sources, the couple founded in Bad Boy-dom is said to be no more after 11 years together.

“The decision was amicable and they remain friends,” a source told People. “Cassie is going to focus on her music and acting career.”

Like clockwork, men and women alike threw virtual daggers in Cassie’s direction, claiming that she “wasted all of her good years being Diddy’s concubine” and that she “should have left him a long time ago.”

As far as celebrity relationships go, in my view, things weren’t all bad between the two. Cassie knowingly agreed to enter into a relationship with a millionaire, one who had multiple long-term, highly publicized relationships that bore children—six to be exact. All the while, Diddy appeared to stand by her side and support her career.

Cassie and Diddy in happier times before the breakup

Now, not to set the bar low, but as a bonus, there weren’t any domestic incidents or additional children born during their relationship to speak of. And as quick as some of these celebrity marriages go, 11 years together is a respectable time to decide if you really want to split your riches with someone in case things go south. I don’t blame them for waiting.

Cassie is 32 years old — eons away from her “life being over” in my opinion — so, she has more than enough time to bounce back and find the man of her dreams. Instead of bashing her for your perceived view that she was a foolish side chick, let’s come to terms with the fact that maybe she had this all planned out after all.

Maybe she was okay with waiting until she was in her early thirties to decide that she would soon be ready to settle down. Another option many of us had never considered is that maybe she just didn’t want to wake up next to a man 15 years her senior anymore. Maybe the relationship ran its course.

Sure, he’s a millionaire, but maybe all that wealth got old.

Who knows? None of us do, so let’s stop assuming that she’s been walking around with the wool pulled over her eyes for the last decade. Cassie will be okay.

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