Celery Juice: The Next Fad Or Lifestyle Game Changer?

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On April Fool’s Day, I received a diagnosis (not ready to discuss) that caused me to completely change my lifestyle to have celery juice for breakfast.

For the first three weeks I increased my vitamin intake, consciously walked at least a mile a day, stop other bad habits and decreased red meats from my diet. I was feeling good about this new routine, but the pains continued to increase.

After crying on the phone with my very dear friend and prayer partner, she asked if I ever considered drinking celery juice.

Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash

She then commenced to send me testimonial videos from Instagram about the changes from drinking this straight up green juice. At that point, I was so desperate to try anything, I figured: why the hell not.

The next morning, I purchased my first celery juice. The worker at the juice bar kept asking: “What else do you want in it?” and my response was: “Nothing, just add a little bit of water.” I later learned that this was not the best way to get all the juices celery has to offer, keep reading.

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert nor do I work in the medical field nor would I recommend taking the following advice as a promise that it’ll work for you. However, the Medical Medium gives his clients advice to drink this.


Celery is classified as a superfood and an unbelievably good source for vitamins A, C, K, B-2 and B-6, according to MedicalNewsToday

As you are supposed to drink water in the morning to wake up your organs, the legend is to drink the celery juice on an empty stomach.

TMI WARNING: Do not attempt day one if you are not near a toilet. Celery is also a form of fiber.


Let’s move on.

Personally, I like chomping on celery in between chicken wings at Buffalo Wild Wings so the taste of celery did not bother me.

If you’re not used to eating celery, you may experience tingling on your lips or inside your mouth. Unless your lips swell up or worse, I promise you by day two that sensation will pass.

By day three of paying someone else to make the juice, I did the math a realized this was becoming another bill. That evening, I went to the grocery store and purchased a few stocks of celery. A lesson learned months later was ALDI sells celery at the most affordable price, approximately $2 a bunch.


After the first two weeks of blending an unknown amount of chopped celery in my blender with a little bit of water, drinking while chewing some of the pulp/chunks, my digestion system was regulated and started to notice a glow in my skin.

After two months, I got froggy and didn’t wear any foundation to work and my hair was growing quicker and thicker. Not to mention, the pains I normally felt, were not as severe as the previous months.

Fun fact: celery helps reduce inflammation especially for those with allergic asthma and is very helpful with healing after surgery.

A few months later, my mom taught me how to really juice the celery without purchasing an expensive juicer. The process already took an extra 10 minutes out of my morning routine, but adding an extra 10 minutes for this beneficial drink is worth it.

After blending the celery in the blender, pour the liquid into a glass through a strainer to separate the juice from the pulp/chunks then squeeze the pulp/chunks until they’re dry.

After four months of having celery juice for breakfast along with new eating habits (that’ll be in another post), I’m going to keep it going. Cheers to a healthier lifestyle!

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