Chrissy Teigen Fights Against Trump’s Immigration Policies With Baby Luna

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As Chrissy Teigen gently cuddled her 1-month-old son against her body on Saturday, she gave a passionate speech in Los Angeles to speak out against the government allowing children to get ripped from the arms of their parents at the United States’s border.

Teigen, whose mother grew up in Thailand, read a two-minute speech before her husband John Legend was set to perform at the Families Belong Together March. Thousands marched across bridges, rallied at local city halls and gathered in parks across the country in solidarity.

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“America at it’s best is big, beautiful and diverse like our great city of Los Angeles…Can you imagine this city without the contributions of immigrants? How bland? How flavorless LA would be? how boring?” said Teigen with chuckles and cheers from the crowd.

Teigen, 32, did not shy away from throwing shade against President Trump for enforcing the immigration policy.

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“I cannot comprehend the kind of cruelty in the hearts of the people who enacted this policy,” said Teigen. who promised that she, her husband and baby Miles will continue to take a stand.

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