Ciara reflects on being ’32’ at Pandora Shine Collection Launch

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The whole “hit up so and so’s” event circuit is slowly dying out in NYC.

First of all, there’s a hassle in deciding whether to go home and change first or show up to work Happy Hour ready (I chose the latter). The next hoop to jump through (in my case) is securing child care. (Done and done.) Lastly, the final issue is deciding who to bring with you. (Naturally, I chose my 32 Letter partner-in-crime, Christina).

We were off to toast to Ciara’s new ambassador-ship as the face for Pandora Jewelry at the Gramercy Park Hotel. Before even reaching the penthouse where the party was, we were blown away by the decor and staged several impromptu photo shoots all over the place.


The event was fab. Drinks were flowing, Hannah Bronfman provided the tunes, the jewelry line was on display and little bites abound. The line consisted of dainty gold rings and slinky long-chained necklaces that would fit anyone’s style.

On top of that, Ciara was super gracious and mingled with the crowd.


She’s rocked an off-the-shoulder black pantsuit and her skin seemed to have this internal glow that I’m positive was more than just highlighter. Maybe it’s because she’s married to Russell Wilson or mom to two adorable babies, but she was glowing.


And as we told you with Ava DuVernay’s experience, the age of 32 is lit and Ciara agrees.

Ava Duvernay Didn’t Pick Up a Camera Until She Was 32

“It’s a blessing to be 32, I’m working on a lot towards my 33,” she told us with a huge smile.

Ciara was joined by “Black Panther” newcomer Letitia Wright, actress Victoria Justice, and several others. You can see more pics and a video of us doing the Wakanda salute on my Instagram page.

When’s the last time you prioritized some “Me Time?” As someone who gets up at 4 am to work until 3, to then clock in on second shift as Mom until 4 am again, it was a much needed night out and I can’t wait to do it again.

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