Meet Team 32 Letter

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Meet Team 32Letter.comSharp. Witty. Smart.

What We Do

32 Letter is a multi-platform digital service organization that is committed to empowering women of color. The mission to help women get that next promotion or open that long-dreamt-about business starts with our blog and newsletter. We strive to inspire while teaching the importance of self-advocacy, professionalism, and authenticity so that you can skirt the B.S.

But it’s not all business suits and resumes — we like to have fun here, too. Life is about balance, and to keep things even, “Wine and Takeout the Podcast” is a half-hour show where we dish about all the topics we can’t freely discuss in the workplace.

Candace Amos and Christina Carrega,

Who We Are

The founders, Candace Amos and Christina Carrega, each have 10+ years of journalism experience working specifically for tabloid newspapers and magazines.

We decided to launch this dream into a reality after going through life-changing events that shook up our worlds. At 32, Candace really got settled into motherhood and she faced extreme changes in the workplace — for her, it all became a juggling act. For Christina, at 32, she was settling into her new status as a divorcee. It was the perfect opportunity to document our journey and teach other women along the way.

Let’s Get Social

We love engaging with our audience even beyond the website and the podcast. We’re building communities on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We’re active on our social media accounts every day with the intention of meeting likeminded women who are on the same mission of leveling up. Contact us for more on how we can support your brand

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