Doctors Need To Include Dads More In The New Parent Process

New Baby Doctor's Visit
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“Momma’s baby, daddy’s maybe,” the ancient saying that’s been in use for as long as I can remember, was created because of the stigma that fathers are more like babysitters while the mother’s job is never done. [Ed note: There’s also the alternate explanation that the father might not be the real father, but that’s a different topic for another day.]

It’s unfair for the fathers who are willing to do as much as physically possible for their babies, but it’s impossible due to the way God created us.

At our one month check up doctor visit, the treatment of “the Dad” stood out significantly. From the time we digitally checked in, it seemed as if he wasn’t even there. It was pretty bad I must admit. Although it feels good to be acknowledged and have someone concerned about my health and well-being (the pediatrician always asks me about me) it seemed as though my boyfriend was just my driver.

Though most of the paperwork is in my name, insurance, and other documents, he does a lot and I’m sure there are a lot of Fathers who go above and beyond for their babies. As I am a woman and know all I’ve been through I also know how it feels to be disregarded especially in this country. I think that fathers are forgotten about in these pregnancy and parenthood journeys.

I know they don’t experience things first hand but they undergo a lot of emotional stress and just anxiety about what’s to come. I felt this was for myself but it struck a chord hearing my guy express that he felt this way as well.

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So if you’re a new or expecting mom check in with your significant other and when you can make sure he is acknowledged. He might not say it but I am certain he will appreciate it!

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