Does Your Wife/Baby Mother(s) Deserve A Gift On Mother’s Day?

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Should the wife or the mother of your children receive a Mother’s Day gift?

In my opinion, no.

Full disclosure: I am nobody’s momma or wife anymore, but I’ll happily indulge in all the free Mother’s Day perks this day.

Now, before you start to cuss me out and close your browser window, please, keep reading and let’s discuss.

Every year when Mother’s Day rolls around, people across the country are utilizing an Edible Arrangement coupon to send a special cluster of fruit to the woman or women in their lives who raised or gave birth to them.

This year, in particular, I could not help but notice the trend of these purchases get extended from men to wife and/or mother(s) of their children.

But why?

Mother’s Day is supposed to be a celebration of the woman or women of your life that are really your mother or are mother figures.

As women, the last position we want to play is our significant other’s, baby father’s or husband’s mother so why would a gift be expected from hubby or baby daddy this day?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I totally understand if the child or children you have together are under the age of 13 and cannot purchase a thoughtful gift themselves so you front some cash to get her something special on behalf of the offspring.

But, the wife and baby momma(s) expecting a gift directly from the sperm donor, baby daddy or husband, NAH! That’s what your anniversary, birthday and do I dare say Valentine’s Day are for.

If the debate continues that a gift is deserved because she gave birth (insert a pregnant pause, pun intended). Then you might as well say you want to share your child’s/children’s birthday as well.

A few days ago, I overheard a conversation between two gentlemen where one was upset that his wife and mother of their two adult children wanted a gift for Mother’s Day. The man said he stood his ground and allegedly said to his wife, “No, you didn’t give birth to me.”

I agreed.

Nonetheless, on Mother’s Day, I would think mommas simply want a day to themselves where cooking, cleaning, checking homework, doing hair, being sober, paying bills, doing laundry or resolving bickering children’s arguments are not an option.

Moms work hard for their family 365 days, 52 weeks, 24 hours a day. Give them one day of peace.

Also, let’s appreciate our mother’s while they’re still here and sent warm thoughts to those who don’t have the pleasure of purchasing their mom flowers while she can still smell them.

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