10 Etsy Trinkets That Will Make Your Home Office Feel Legit

Etsy Home Office Decor Picks 2018
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I never thought the day would come when I’d need a home office, but alas — a layoff + gig economy = here we are. No doubt, I’m super excited to work in the comfort of my own home and I’m grateful that my place has one extra unused room. If you’re finding yourself in the same predicament, then please enjoy this shopping list of cutesy home office buys from Etsy.

You need a clock:

Home Office Clock Etsy

It’s easy to fall into the overtime trap while working from home. To avoid clocking unnecessary unpaid hours (unless you have it like that, then continue), place this handy clock on the nearest uncluttered wall. Bonus: An old school timekeeper guilts you into not checking your phone and accidentally (ahem) falling into a pit of endless scrolling. (Classic Analog Wall Clock, $16.22)

You’ll need ample reminders to keep going:

Etsy Home Office Wall Sticker Art

With no boss peeking around your cubicle and no co-workers to bounce ideas off of, you’ll need something else to keep you motivated. This huge sign should definitely do the trick. (Typography Office Decal Wall Sticker, $79.00)

Working mamas unite:

Etsy Mommy Daughter Matching T-Shirts

You and your little productivity-sucking intern can keep it cute for eight hours in these adorable mommy-and-me tees. (Mommy and Daughter Regional Manager Matching T-Shirts, $13.99)

Be a leader:

Etsy Leadership Quote Wood Sign

Maybe you’re running your own business or maybe you’re just naturally ambitious. Here’s a subtle reminder that being an effective leader can significantly affect your mission. (Leadership Quote Wood Sign, $27.00)

Tyra mail:

Etsy Beach Office Decor Mail Bin

Keep this wooden box as a placeholder for outgoing thank you notes and as a drop off station for all that incoming business swag. (Etsy Mail Bin Office Decor, $16.00)

Stop and smell the roses:

Etsy Gold Mason Jars

Now we’re getting to the good part. If there is no time to step outside and take a whiff of the greenery, you can pretend and surround yourself with this glam mason jar vase. Just add the shrubberies. (Etsy Glam Gold Mason Jars, $27.00)

More motivation:

Etsy Start Where You Are Wall Art

You will get frazzled and frustrated, so here’s a gentle reminder to take things one step at a time. (Etsy Start Where You Are Motivational Print, $6.50)

The cure for screentime overload:

Marble Spiral Notebook

When you start seeing the inevitable zigzags, it’s time to back away from the screen. Grab one of these darling notebooks to list your tasks and ideas. (Etsy Marble Notepad, $13.56)

Who are you doing this for? The cat. 

Cat Mousepad

If your kitty runs the house, then this mousepad will really get your gears going. (Etsy Cat Mousepad, $9.60)

Yes. Just yes:

Etsy Marble and Gold Stapler

I’m not sure when you’ll ever have to staple something, but let’s both agree to do it in style. (Etsy Marble & Gold Stapler, $22.00)

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