Is Money Or Time Putting A Damper On Your Wanderlust? Consider Becoming An Expat

Money And Time Putting A Damper On Your Wanderlust? Consider Becoming An Expatriate
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Do you enjoy traveling, but hate the process of saving money for your vacations? Or maybe you are like me—whenever I vacation time just seems to fly. Seven days, feel more like seven hours.  It is never long enough.

Wouldn’t it be great to travel without having to be concerned with cost and time? There is a way. Become an expatriate. Also known as an expat.

An expat is someone who temporarily lives and works in a foreign country. You can live in a country of your choice for as brief as a month or for years.

In case you were wondering, there is a difference between an expat and an immigrant. Expats don’t relinquish their citizenship and at some point, return home. Immigrants are willing to surrender their citizenship and make the foreign country their permanent residence.

Most people become an expat through work. They purposely look for positions that allow them to travel, especially to places of their choice.  

Since they are there at the expense of their employer, rent is free or relatively cheap. Another added benefit.

But the biggest win is you can stay in one location for an unlimited amount of time without having to feel rushed to do everything in 7 to 10 days—the average length of most vacations.

Most people think being a diplomat is the only way to become an expat. That might have been the case decades ago, but not anymore.  

Just about every position needed in your country is needed in a foreign country. The professions that allow you to work abroad are very vast.  Doctors, nurses, lawyers, pharmacists, even construction workers are just a few jobs that are available overseas. (For more specific information on working abroad read my blog here.)

American expats are all over the world. You can find them in the Netherlands, Dubai, China, West Africa, Colombia, even one of my favorite places Bermuda.

Interested in becoming an expat, but your job does not allow you to travel?

No problem.  There are plenty of courageous people who move to a country of interest and look for employment. It would be the same as looking for work in your place of residence. There are no restrictions in terms of the employment you can have as an expat.

Expat Network, InterNations, and Expat Info Desk are three organizations that will help you become familiar with the lifestyle of an expatriate.  They provide information such as employment, housing, expat communities, advise on taxes and insurance.

Most countries have their own expat support group such as:

Expat Exchange United States Citizens Moving to Portugal

Singapore Expats Guides for Expats

Playa del Carmen The Ultimate Guide (for Expats) 2019

InterNations New York Expats

For information on specialized expect communities, follow or join these Facebook groups which provide support based on nationality and gender:

American Expats of Color in the UK

Black Expats in Mexico

Black expats in Colombia

Expat Women of Color

Women Expat A World of Opportunities

Can you imagine yourself living abroad? Where would you go?

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Ora Cook is a coach, blogger, and inspirational speaker devoted to helping women restore their confidence and fulfill their purpose. She encourages women to travel for therapeutic and recreational purposes and offers the knowledge they need to do so. You can read more of Ora’s writings at  

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18 comments on “Is Money Or Time Putting A Damper On Your Wanderlust? Consider Becoming An Expat

  • Luna S , Direct link to comment

    Interesting! I’ve only heard about this subject a little but it is always neat to know more. This sounds like a wonderful experience but I don’t think I could leave my family for that long.

  • lforsythe7040 , Direct link to comment

    That’s really interesting. I have seen people describe themselves as expats, but I never knew what that meant. Thank you for explaining it.

  • Jennifer McCormick , Direct link to comment

    I had always thought of being an expat as a choice made to move to one specific location. This article opened my mind to think that a person could become an expat multiple times, in different countries; similar to vacationing but for longer periods of time. Thanks for the insight into the resources and support available to expats around the world.

  • Melody , Direct link to comment

    Wow! A lot of information packed in here! I never had a positive impression of what an expat was. If i was younger, I would definitely look into this more.

  • Ashley , Direct link to comment

    About 3.5 years ago, I moved from Canada to the UK (Scotland) on a 2-year working holiday visa, so I’ve done the expat thing before! And I guess now I am actually an immigrant as I’ve since gotten married and stayed in Scotland. I definitely believe that being an expat is something everyone should try at least once in their life! You learn so much and get to experience life in a way that’s not possible if you’re only travelling.

  • travelwisesr , Direct link to comment

    Nice perspective. I could have thought about this option many years back. Now it’s too late and I travel for a month abroad & rest of my travels are in India.

  • Elease Colcord , Direct link to comment

    Although I’m a total homebody, I actually think this is a super fun concept! I can work from anywhere– now I just have to shift my husband’s schedule!

  • Lyosha Varezhkina , Direct link to comment

    That is a great possibility. we should always consider it. I work at my birthplace and it is good place for me and my career but I kinda regret I don’t get to become and expat

  • stylelullaby , Direct link to comment

    these are some great tips for those who are wanting to travel more often! though the idea of travel is nice to me, i think i’m more of a homebody and enjoy being at home with my dogs hahahaha

  • Megan McC , Direct link to comment

    I moved to another country for work about four years ago. Like many other immigrants, I haven’t relinquished my citizenship and may choose to return home someday. For now, living abroad has been a great opportunity to travel around Mexico and also around the world.

  • Elizabeth | Tired Mom Supermom , Direct link to comment

    i would love to travel without the concern of money or time, but with kids and education its not possible! Maybe it is, but I dont mind waiting a few years and then travel with my hubby

  • blair villanueva , Direct link to comment

    This is a good advice! I am also a member of InterNation – Manila based.

  • aword84 , Direct link to comment

    Totally agree! I did the experience just recently, and it is a wonderful way of discovering new cultures and places a lot deeper than on vacation. It requires more flexibility though, as it’s on a longer term than a simple vacation

  • Nina , Direct link to comment

    I was an expat for almost four years in the Jakarta and I got to travel in nearby countries as well to exit and renew visas. It was the best decisions I have ever done because of the diversity that I have experienced.

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