Maternity Diaries: How I Found the Right MD

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Maternity Diaries

Ever wish you had someone to tell you what pregnancy was like before and while going through it? In this weekly column, we check in with an expectant mother — who’s previously suffered loss. She’ll take us along a journey of endless doctor’s appointments and questions from the outside world — all while keeping it a secret until she’s ready. Follow her journey of highs and lows during this special time. Her name? That’s to be revealed in due time. FINDING-PREGNANCY-DOCTOR

A little backstory: I have a history of fibroids, but due to their size and location, I was told there was no need to get them surgically removed. They do, however, need to be monitored often. I suffered two pre-term losses in the past, so this current pregnancy is considered “high risk.”

As you might imagine, my first trimester was super nerve-wracking (the whole process has been, really) and finding the perfect health care was even harder.I asked around, cried, did a million online searches, cried, contacted my health provider and cried some more.

Finally, I just prayed about it and put it in God’s hands. The OBGYN I was seeing was amazing but of course, that facility didn’t have a high-risk doctor who accepted my insurance.This pregnancy came completely unexpected. Though my OB and I had a plan in place whenever I was ready to start entertaining the idea of having a baby, God had a different plan.

One day, just traveling in my neighborhood, I came across an OB-GYN that never came up in my search. This office was in a nice area in Hoboken, N.J., they advertised care for high-risk pregnancy patients, and there was a bonus — the office was located near my apartment.


I stopped the car took down the number and called immediately. My first visit was just to confirm my pregnancy and make them aware of my medical history. I wanted to see the high-risk doctor immediately, but unfortunately, the process wouldn’t be as seamless as I had hoped.

I soon discovered that I would have to have a referral and then I would be able to schedule an appointment. So even MORE time went by, but finally, at my first 8-week ultrasound appointment, I was able to consult with my highly recommended high-risk doctor.

I knew they could sense my frantic energy, and that was before they learned all that I had been through.The doctor came in carrying a motorcycle helmet. I immediately thought to myself I am in the wrong place. Despite his exterior, he had a “let’s get down to business,” direct, hands-on approach that put my boyfriend and I at ease.

The doctor has been the most thorough prenatal physician that I’ve had to date and I appreciated his “let’s get down to business” attitude.

What you may not know is (depending on your insurance) you might have to see several doctors and go to several different facilities for all the tests, blood work, and ultrasounds.

I’ll admit, it’s frustrating especially when pregnancy brain gets the best of you and you forget an appointment or two. I learned that if the first doctor doesn’t work, you shouldn’t be afraid to hit up good ol’ google or ask around to find another one (in the network) who has the qualities you desire.

Remember, they are responsible for helping you bring your new precious addition into this world, so it’s okay to be picky when it comes to choosing who you see for prenatal care. I can’t stress how important it is to feel comfortable and ensure you are getting the best medical attention they can provide.

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