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We couldn’t decide if we wanted to do something big and over the top or something modest to find out the gender of our Rainbow Baby.

Trying to coordinate the schedules of our combined seven siblings and mothers was extremely difficult and borderline stressful. I didn’t want to just open that tightly sealed envelope on the dining table that I’d been peeking at every time I walked by…I wanted it to be special.

It came to me over breakfast, I wasn’t going to go out of my way and spend unnecessary amounts of money. Also, we’d just had an intimate dinner and read the results, the two of us. So, that’s what we did. It was simple, perfect and memorable. We were both nervous wrecks. Since the moment I found out I was with child, I knew what I was going to have.

I’ve never been so certain of anything. It’s like God told me himself.

As we read the first few lines of the genetic testing results we skimmed down to the highlighted area and sure enough, in big bold print…female! I knew it! I screamed and busted out in a victory dance. Mini-me on the way, I thought, in my loud Cardi B voice!

I was so ecstatic that I didn’t even notice the distraught look on my boyfriend’s face. After I calmed down and stopped rubbing it in, “What’s your problem?” I asked him. “Aren’t you happy?” He said he was happy about being a father, but scared to have a daughter. “Plus to have a son and a boy dog would make life complete,” he added. “Boy bye,” I said. “It’s a girl.” I waved off his sulking and continued my victory dancing.

That following weekend we sent a group text to our families telling them we’d like to share the gender with them in person or FaceTime if they couldn’t make it.

The big day: I filled black balloons with pink confetti and had a pin nearby. We called my mom and sisters on FaceTime while all of my boyfriend’s family was in his mother’s living room. Waiting on the edge of their seats with excitement, we all counted down. After the second try with the needle, pink confetti burst everywhere. “A GIRL…it’s a girl!” everyone said.

I honestly will never forget the tears of joy, the excitement, and the hugs that were shared at that moment. I’m so excited to welcome this little person into our family. No feeling can really describe it.

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