How Are New Moms Mastering Work-Life Balance So Quickly?

8 Tips To Survive The First Month With a New Baby
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Hey friends, I know you haven’t heard from me and that’s because … well …Little Ms. Nuri is in high demand mode. We’re approaching month three, and finding time to eat, shower and wear a shirt without spit up on it seems to be an Olympic challenge. She has grown, rolled over 180*, and is now teething.

It’s crazy how fast time is going, but when will that snap back occur…I’ll wait. So it’s not the “Love and Hip Hop” body type of snap back that I am awaiting (although that would be nice), rather it’s the when will I master the mom-life balance that I’m seeking.

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I like to think that I’ve crossed many big hurdles—such as getting her to sleep more than 2 hours, having her sleep in her own bed, and stimulating her enough that she isn’t just getting lazy and spoiled. But, I see Mompreneurs doing their thing: working from home, raising their children, traveling, and just being straight up fabulous..and I want to know HOW?! That is my million dollar question.


We have the same amount of hours in a day. I want to sleep, bond with my baby, and grow my business while I’m home. That is my #SuperMomGoals. Should I kiss that dream goodbye? Anything is possible, right? There are times that in order to stay sane I’ve had to rely on the support from family while my boyfriend is at work.

When I finally have time to myself, all my elaborate plans end up in…well…sleeping for the entire duration. I hate to seem like I don’t have it all under control, in fact, it’s extremely difficult to ask for help, but I’ve come to the conclusion that “it takes a village” is not just a figure of speech!

I had to have a talk with myself and remember that it’s not just about me, everyone needs help for newborns are a handful sometimes two! This is all new to me, regardless of how many babies I helped raise. The difference is…I don’t get a break from this one, she’s here to stay lol!

Do people get the hang of this Mommy thing and work-life balance because they simply don’t have a choice or is it because they’re just good at it? How do people with more than one child do it? Even the thought makes me overwhelmed. Out of all the advice and reading I’ve been doing it seems like the only answer I’ll find is that no baby or situation is the same, so I have to celebrate myself for how far I’ve gotten.

Pace myself. I might not have time right now and things may be difficult, but it gets better as the baby grows. I have to remember to be present and patient with myself and trust the process. Hey, other new moms out there…we got this!

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20 comments on “How Are New Moms Mastering Work-Life Balance So Quickly?

  • Crystal , Direct link to comment

    I feel like I could have written this! I am still working on the balance and my youngest is two!

    • Ima ni , Direct link to comment

      Relief to know others can relate and it’s totally normal! We got this! 💪

  • Chloe Daniels | Clo Bare , Direct link to comment

    “We expect moms to work like they don’t have children and raise kids like they don’t work.” SO SO SO true. You got this, and you’re going at the pace and doing the things you need for yourself. No one else knows what’s best for you than you. Thanks for sharing love, this will be encouraging to so many people <3

    • Imani , Direct link to comment

      Thank you for the positive feedback Chloe. That is exactly why I started blogging! Each one teach one! 💖

  • Heather , Direct link to comment

    There’s no such thing as real balance – something will ALWAYS be out of place, but having your priorities straight will always help you feel confident in what you are doing. Everyone is on a different path and in a different season in life, so enjoy it Momma and give yourself some grace when you’re feeling like you’re not living up to your expectations. Much love – Heather

  • Carolyn , Direct link to comment

    I can totally relate. I just have one kid but CAN NOT imagine how people work from home while taking care of another kiddo! Forever chasing balance over here 😉

  • Amelia , Direct link to comment

    It is so true that no baby or situation is the same. I am a mom of twin toddler boys. When they were little people always gave me advice that rarely fit with our lifestyle. All you can do is trust the process, and remember, it will get easier!

  • Lauren | My Favorite Job Title Is Mom , Direct link to comment

    My best suggestions are to prioritize what you want to accomplish and only try to do a few things a day. In our house, we decided that my career was a major priority so my husband has put his on the backburner because he spends a lot more time with our son.

    • Imani , Direct link to comment

      I like that Lauren! Mom is my newest title but best one yet. We are definitely trying to figure out “our thing” I know we will get it. Im working on prioritizing I things, definitely keeps things from feeling so overwhelming.

  • Anonymous , Direct link to comment

    You’re doing a great job! When my first baby was 3 months old, I was barely functioning and not fit for being in public. Now with 2 kids and running a blog, being a stay at home mom I’m thriving and keeping a very clean and organized home. It took a lot of getting used to this being a new parent thing and I never thought I would get to this place in my parenting life where I’m so happy. It took a long time, and you can get there too, eventually! (Took me 5 years)

    • Imani , Direct link to comment

      I appreciate the encouragement. Good to know other Moms went through the same thing. I sleep better knowing I’m not failing lol , but it will just take some time.

  • Clio , Direct link to comment

    You’re so right, we expect (and are expected ) to live multiple lives at the same time! I’d say that right now, that you’re a new mom and your baby is so young, it’s just plain normal that you can’t achieve everything you’set up for yourself : a very young baby doesn’t have a proper routine yet, and you also need some time to get to know her needs and support her rhythm – all of this in a period where probably you can’t sleep much at night, which make things even worse! It will get better once your baby follows more of a schedule on nap times, etc; and you’ll be able to adjust accordingly. And believe me, with the second one, somehow it’s going to be easier : you’ll have more work, true, but you’ll feel much more comfortable in how to handle it! Which also means having a better understanding of your priorities. BUT I must say, having a strong network of support so that you can have a few hours for yourself is a great option. Don’t feel guilty, ever : you’re doing the most difficult jobs of all!

    • Imani , Direct link to comment

      You’re so right! I’m learning to be okay that I won’t have everything down to a science two month out the gate! Thank you!

  • Angie , Direct link to comment

    The secret is that none of us actually feel like we are supermoms. I have 3kids, 2 on the autism spectrum, 2 blogs and got a BA and a MA while pregnant and growing my family. On the outside it looks like I’m handling this but it NEVER feels like I’m handling it. So I just keep going. I honestly think mom guilt keeps us from seeing how awesome we truly are. You’ll get to a place where you make peace with what you can accomplish in a day! Hang in there!

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