Jade Novah, The Bonfyre And More Artists You Need In Your Rotation

Jade Novah, The Bonfyre And More Music Artists You Need On Your Playlist
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Music has been a constant part of my life since the day I was born. My mother sings and directs the church choir and my father is a musician and college band director. I studied music in college and also learned to play a handful of instruments over the years. Throughout my life, I’ve had the pleasure of going to shows with my father and meeting the “who’s who” of musical artists. I’ve had the honor of meeting pioneers like Dizzy Gillespie as a child, and I met Ronald and Ernie Isley after a show when I was older.

I love everything about music. I believe it is the one thing in the world that everyone enjoys. Over the years I’ve been quite disappointed at some of the debauchery that is being considered as music. Granted I know everyone has different tastes, but it’s hard for me to really get into a lot of what is out now. For that reason I have created a list of talented women whose music I enjoy right now. You may not know them yet,  but definitely will in the future.

The Bonfyre. If I listen to the radio it’s usually a station that plays old and some newer R&B. I was driving one day and this song titled “Automatic” came on. Being that it was my first time hearing it, I picked up my phone and googled it to see who the artist was. I was pleasantly surprised to found out about this young lady. Her real name is Chelsea LaRue and she started out doing song covers on YouTube until she was discovered by a club promoter. She worked with Raphael Saadiq and eventually signed as one of the first artists to L.A. Reid’s label, Hitco. Her first EP, “Ready To Love” was just released in the latter part of 2018. She has a nice contemporary R&B style with some 80s and 90s vibes thrown in.

Destiny Stone. This young lady from Mississippi has the voice and soul of a seasoned artist. Her sound is a mix of gospel, jazz, blues, and soul and she will leave you stunned. I enjoy her music because it’s not filled with sex, vulgarity, and negativity. She sings about love, life, God and also injustices in and out of the country. With so many people selling sex, she is such a great example to young girls that your talent can speak for itself. Her first album “Journey” still plays in my car and her latest project “Destiny Stone” does not disappoint. Not only does she have a beautiful voice, but she also writes all of her songs and plays on them as well. All of her music can be found on her website, iTunes and Spotify.

Monielle. This eclectic artist from DC has a style all her own. Influenced by an array of artists such as Brandy, Andre 3000, Duke Ellington and many others. She has been writing and making music since the age of 8 and over the years found herself as an artist, even starting her own music label Sunday Recreation Music in 2013. Her purpose in this was not only to release her own music but to also be a resource for other women coming up in the music industry. Monielle tells amazing stories with her music about the ups and downs and wins and losses in life. She has released 6 EPs as well as some singles. Her first full album is set to be released this spring. This upcoming project speaks on being in love, having to let go of relationships as well as black culture and the things happening within it. Her music can be found on sundayrec.bandcamp.com as well as Spotify and iTunes.

Jade Novah. The first time I heard Jade Novah sing was on a youtube cover of Tamia’s “Officially Missing You.” That 1:38 video reeled me in and sent me into a search for any other videos she had. Some may know her for her funny viral videos impersonating Beyonce or Kim Kardashian but, she is definitely a singer. She has not only sang backgrounds vocals for Missy Elliott, Rihanna, and Demi Lovato but she has also written for Mya, Melanie Fiona, and Lady Gaga. I could be happy just listening to her kill other peoples songs but, she released her first album “All Blue” in 2018.

Aquariuz. This young lady just released her first album in February of 2019. The project also titled “Aquariuz” is a real sit and vibe out project for me. I myself had never heard of this young lady until I came across her album on Amazon Music.  There really isn’t much information out on her but she is one I will definitely be keeping track of.

I know that my musical taste has always differed from those of my peers, but I love being in somewhat of a minority of people who really take all aspects of songs into account. Just because it has a nice beat doesn’t work for me. It’s about the lyrics, the music and the feeling I get when I listen to it. Most of the artists I enjoy haven’t gotten that “mainstream” attention they deserve, but maybe that’s a good thing. They care about the work they create and present their best to their listeners. I’m glad to see a resurgence of musical artists who are talented and making the kind of music that can be enjoyed by all.

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