Job Seekers Are Ghosting Interviews Because The Options Are Plenty

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Wait. What? When it comes to blasé job opportunities, people are telling recruiters, “I’m good love, enjoy,” according to recent findings.

Ghosting has jumped from the dating pool to the job pool.

For those not in the know, ghosting is the often selfish act of completely disappearing on a potential suitor. After a date and a few flirty texts exchanges, the uninterested party usually cuts off all communication without leaving an explanation for ending things so abruptly.  

According to a CNN report, this is now a thing in the career world. Think phone interview, in-person interview, then complete silence.

Okay, let’s be honest — it’s always been a thing on the part of recruiters, but now it seems job seekers are getting hip to the game, choosing to prioritize their wants and non-negotiables first during the interview process.

No snacks? Pssh. Limited vacation days? See ya. Cold office? Bye.  

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Apparently, it’s a job seeker’s market and there are actually more opportunities to pick from for qualified candidates. One recruiter, according to the network’s report, scheduled 21 interviews and only 11 candidates showed up.

“They seem so excited and interested, and then they don’t show up or call and you are left wondering what happened,” recruiter Chandra Kill said. “A year or two ago it wasn’t like this.”

We wonder why that could be? Seriously, the schadenfreude is a direct response to companies and their ridiculous requirements put in place before the decision round begins. For many jobs in media and marketing, you are often required to meet with several employees and then there is the dreaded edit test that could take anywhere from 3 -7 days to complete. The exhaustion of the job hunting process is not worth the hassle for some candidates.

Final Thoughts On Ghosting Job Interviews

HR people, if you’re reading, this is on you. Cut the excessive interviews, be respectful of people’s time, and just be responsive, so we can go back to the harmonious days of normal job placement.

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