LeBron James’ Laker Move Is a Power Strategy You Could Use in Your Career

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Yup, he did it again.

If there is one thing we know about LeBron James, it’s that he never allows himself to get too comfortable.

Basketball has always been about team loyalty since Michael Jordan’s name became synonymous with the Chicago Bulls, but should that be the case?

James, the serial team hopper took another leap for the forthcoming NBA season (and 3 more thereafter) from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Los Angeles Lakers after a soul-crushing sweep in the 2018 finals. (Thanks, JR Smith.)

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The 33-year-old signed a lucrative $154 million deal for four years and looks as if he has nary a qualm about it. He broke the news to his fan base via his Instagram stories (yup, the goodbye post didn’t even make the cut for his main feed) and he’s onto the next one.

Reactions to the news were, of course, fast and furious as it triggered memories of the over-hyped “decision” and his more demure “decision part 2.”

In this case, the memes are flying — and the star’s fans are truly feeling the brunt of it all.


My two cents? We are way too hung up on maintaining loyalty when it comes to our places of employment. Often times we let our best interest take a backseat when it comes to appeasing our colleagues and in LeBron’s case, an entire city and an NBA organization.

Yes, you should absolutely strive to put your best foot forward and be a good employee while you’re still there, but only a fool would limit themselves to one particular career prospect for the sake of being loyal.

Let’s survey why optioning to leave when you want is really in your best interest.

Better Opportunities

How much more can you learn at a job doing the same thing over and over again? You should be seeking out ways to expand your skillset, and if your place of employment isn’t providing you with the tools for advancement, then you might want to spruce up that resume.

Bigger Pay

Coming to the table with an impressive arsenal of accomplishments gives you the ability to negotiate a salary increase with your next employer.

Not ready to leave yet? Well, if you aren’t doing transformative work on a consistent basis, it’s hard to demand more money for the job you were hired to do. If you don’t leave, the only way you’ll see more money in your bank account is by cutting back on your expenses. Ouch.

Negotiating Power

There is no negotiating (okay, very little) power when you’ve been toiling away at the same gig for years. When you hop over to your next opportunity, you can bargain for things such as better benefits and more vacation time. Hello, work-life balance!

Fresh Start

Say you’ve made some tiny mistakes at your current gig that have defined the image your colleagues have of you. You can reinvent yourself at a new job by working twice as hard and bringing innovative ideas to your new team. There is no greater relief than working with a new crop of people you can showcase your best professional assets to.

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Okay, so we highly doubt King James is putting his resume in anywhere these days, but there are lessons to be learned in his courage to keep it moving when he isn’t happy. Instead of focusing on his “decision,” find ways to employ the James’ strategy to move your career path forward.

Image via LeBron James Instagram 

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