Marie Kondo Your Daily Schedule With Calendar Blocking

Marie Kondo Your Daily Schedule With Calendar Blocking
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It’s no secret around these parts. I am constantly on the hunt for hacks, tips, and tricks to become more productive. I am currently working from home part-time and simultaneously trying to finesse 32 Letter into a money-making machine. In all seriousness, I have real dreams of being an independent business owner, and to do that I have to get real about the way my time is spent every day. I stumbled upon a YouTube video yesterday that just might change my life.

It made me stop and watch because it called to mind one of my favorite fashion trends, color blocking, so “calendar blocking” had to be just as amazing if not more, right?

The basic gist of it is to lump similar tasks together, so it will be easier to get through your daily to-do lists. I never thought about it, but I’m usually exhausted after editing three articles in one sitting. Switching my brain from left to right to perform a totally different business chore like designing a graphic can be mind-numbing and difficult.

Here’s how I’ll incorporate calendar blocking into my routine.

Jot down all of your tasks for your business, work, or a project.

Make a note on of what type of task it is: i.e. Content Creation, Engagement, etc.

Add another note designating if this is a daily task, weekly task, etc.

Reorganize your list by lumping similar tasks together

Here comes the fun part: open your Google calendar and pick a color for each type of tasks.

Place each task on the calendar and designate a time frame – one hour, two hours, or whatever works for you.

Make sure the same shades are lined up together on the calendar. P.S. – Did you know Google calendar had a drag and drop feature? I know. Nuts!

Stand back and admire your masterpiece.

Here is what my Calendar Blocking calendar looks like this week.

Above is what my calendar looks like this week. I’m just getting started, but I can keep you updated on my progress on Twitter. Would you try out calendar blocking?

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