Maternity Diaries: Happy Nesting!

Maternity Diaries - Happy Nesting
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Maternity Diaries

So we’re almost there! I’m in the home stretch. Two months, 59 days, eight weeks left to go.

How do I feel? I’m scared out of my mind! Am I prepared? Will she like me? Will I make it to the hospital in time? These are just some of the questions that play in my head all day. I know that one can never truly be prepared for what’s to come of parenthood but has that ever stopped anyone from trying?

So about two and a half months out of work now, and I must say I’m not completely stir crazy.
As 32 letter founder/friend Candace would say “Girl, you better enjoy it now!” So I definitely will take my ability to sleep in and do nothing but my crafts as a luxury. I get urges to clean, cook and organize my home but twenty minutes and a backache later I remember the doctor’s orders and listen to my body tell me to have several seats.

Maternity Diaries - Happy Nesting

Our baby shower is just days away. I can’t believe I’m even saying that. I look at the baby clothes that we already received from co-workers and friends who knew they wouldn’t be around for the shower/birth and it gets me teary-eyed. Soon someone will be here to fit this stuff and be held and kissed and most of all LOVED. My heart on the outside. Sorry…just super emotional…but like c’mon how could I not be?

I’m very excited to see my family and friends. I know I have a team of great women who are working extremely hard on this event for us. Honestly, it was hard to relinquish control and trust that party planning is all in good hands, but that is apart of the promise I made to the baby and myself. I’m very grateful. I will use my nerves as fuel to do the few things I can actually get done.

For those who are like me and take nesting and bed rest as punishment, I say… Girl enjoy it! Put time into your crafts, meditate, reach out to people, read. Do whatever it is that you really enjoy that won’t require physical labor. Think about it…you’ve come this far, and you do what it takes to ensure you’re a safe and healthy womb to produce a healthy and happy baby. Also soon you will be praying for downtime to do things you enjoy alone. Take advantage of the opportunity now while you still can.

-Happy Nesting!

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