Maternity Diaries: Sweet 32 — An Extra Pregnant Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday
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Pregnancy-Advice-Maternity-DiariesThis year I wanted to spend my birthday doing the most “instagrammable” activities I could find, but apparently, this little person had other plans for me. This past Friday, we had an ER visit that got me and my whole family together…literally. Almost a month and a half before her due date, Little Starr was about to make her appearance. Talk about freaked out! We had absolutely nothing ready, no baby clothes washed, nobody had time to make it to the hospital with us, and the car seat wasn’t even installed. We were a complete mess!

After 10 hours of monitoring, blood work and IV; I was free to go. Apparently, my level of dehydration almost sent me into early labor. At 34 weeks, a baby is in good standing statistically speaking, but the longer they stay in the womb, the better. The IV and medication seemed to help calm my body and hold off a delivery. Since then, I’ve been on strict bed rest. It’s a little hard for me to lay around when so much has to be done. I actually had to call in reinforcements a.k.a my family. All hands on deck from top to bottom. Daddy on car seat duty, Grandma A on meals, Grandma B on laundry and cleaning, and sisters on everything else. I know I wouldn’t have been to get everything done without them. Definitely a blessing it was to see everything come together when we needed it most.

Now that things are situated with the baby (for now), everyone keeps reminding me of my birthday. And I’m not kidding when I say reminding me. I already put myself on the back burner. When I thought she was on her way it was like everything just shut down. I guess that’s a glimpse into my future from what everyone says motherhood is like. Being completely selfless and catering to this big piece of your heart on the outside. I’d usually have a weeks’ worth of activities and my outfits lined up.

This year, for 32, it’s the year of preparation. Mentally I am preparing for my world to be changed more than it already has. Physically, not being able to do the things I used to do (like see my feet and hop out of bed…or anywhere for that matter) and birth. Spiritually, I’m reminded that God has brought me so far, I’ve never been to this point in any of my pregnancies, so I’m humbled and truly grateful to be at this milestone in my life.

Everything is coming together. Although it may not be the glamorous celebration that I planned for, I will get up and put on a new dress, get my hair and makeup laid to the God’s, and still be my fabulous self…just an at home and the pregnant version. This baby is truly humbling me and making me take things into perspective that I may not have considered before. To see 32 is a blessing in itself. I’m aware that I am carrying the best present I’ll ever receive.

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