Maternity Diaries: “I Woke Up Like This … Tortoise!”

Pregnant and feeling like a tortoise
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Ever wish you had someone tell you what pregnancy was like before and while going through it? In this weekly column, we check in with a pregnant contributor — who’s previously suffered loss. She’ll take us along a journey of endless doctor’s appointments and questions from the outside world — all while keeping it a secret until she’s ready. Follow her journey of highs and lows during this special time. Her name? That’s to be revealed in due time.

Pregnant and feeling like a tortoiseSo the countdown continues. I’m 24 weeks and I’m feeling … well, LARGE! I feel like this belly has sprouted out of nowhere. As blessed as I feel to be on this journey and to be connecting with this little person, I’m getting the summer blues.

Baby Bump Feels Heavy

Up until this point, I’ve lucked out with avoiding dreadful maternity shopping. I feel like those clothes are short-ranged, overpriced and, to be honest, just not cute. As someone who considers themselves to be fashion savvy, I just don’t see myself falling off the wagon because I am with child. The fact that I’ve only gained weight in my stomach area is surely saving me. It’s still slightly difficult to find appropriate sizing unless I get things tailored or custom made and nobody has time fo’ dat! I may have to give in though, especially in the fall and see what maternity specialty stores have to offer. *Insert eye roll here*


‘Tis the season for bodycon dresses, cookouts, and date nights on the town, but I’ve limited myself. Besides, I was doing the most and I genuinely needed to slow down to make sure Baby arrives safely. It’s just too dang HOT!


My normal love for outdoor exploration, endless laps around the mall and chilling with my friends, are just not the same anymore. I can barely hop out of bed or anywhere for that matter. I feel like a tortoise that flipped on its back half of the time. As a naturally petite woman, I’m not used to these kinds of restraints.


Am I at the nesting stage already? How do I just stay home and rest? I am beginning to have the legit fear of missing out. In the same breath, I need to put things in perspective. It’s not about me anymore. Those events that I am missing out on will all be there next year. My friends (who know I am expecting) understand why I am M.I.A. and I just really need to focus on preparing for my Rainbow Baby.


I have food, a good support system, and a fire stick, I can survive. On the bright side, when this baby gets here I’m sure I’ll be begging for the downtime that I have now. When I put it that way, I guess it’s not so bad.


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