Maternity Diaries: What Will Rainbow Baby’s Name Be?

Maternity Diairies Choosing a Name for Baby
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Maternity Diaries

After finding out you’re expecting and the baby’s gender, the million dollar question seems to be…what will your baby name be? A name: something that will follow you for the rest of your life, a label, a title in which you will be addressed, your unique stamp. How does one go about finding a name for their little one?

After tons of research and asking for input from others, I decided that I wanted to wait until I see my baby to name her. I want her name to be something that embodies her personality, presence and character, not just from some list of “names for my kids” that I created when I was 16.

Everyone from physicians to neighbors asks what will her name be and I honestly think that even if I decided already, I would keep it a secret.

I know to many it doesn’t seem like a big deal. I just feel like some things don’t need to be shared with the world until you’re ready. I’m not going to lie, this wasn’t always my way of thinking, but it came about after a funny little incident.

One day I was in an Uber and the driver congratulated me and asked me what the baby’s name would be, so to humor myself I told him a made up name. He paused and said, ”Hmm… I don’t really like that name.” Just like that!

I couldn’t believe he said that and I was almost offended until I remembered I was just joking lol. It’s like people are so opinionated and really have the audacity to speak on things that will NEVER impact their own lives. It was equal parts funny and disturbing. Safe to say he got 2 stars that day.

And, for those who are wondering, I didn’t leave my boyfriend out of the process. Although my initial way of thinking was: well I’m doing all the work soooo….name?!?…I got this boo. I wanted him to be involved. In fact, he had a name before we even knew we were expecting. I asked him the meaning and what it meant to him. He explained to me that his sister had a dream that we had a baby girl and gave her this name. So not only was it founded prophetically it was thoughtful. I was really feeling it so, safe to says it’s on our short list for our Rainbow Girl.

I had the privilege to name one of my twin nieces. The idea that her parents even considered a name that 15-year-old me came up with meant the world to me. I’ll always cherish that and that’s why I’ve been open to suggestions from friends and family. We don’t know which way we will go in terms of name choices but what we do know is that her name will be a special as she is. We can’t wait.

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