Maternity Diaries: Whoa! What Just Happened?— A Birth Story. 

Birth Story
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For two days prior to birth, I was in labor. I sat with my mom at home trying to recommence my daily activities (bed rest), but I didn’t feel right. “Maybe it’s time,” my boyfriend said. But according to my doctor, my contractions weren’t close enough to come to the hospital. I tried to take my mind off the pain by watching holiday movies and eating my favorite foods, but every ten minutes or so all I could do is TRY to remember my breathing.

“Deep slow breaths, Mani,” my Mom said as she tried to hide her OMG my poor baby expression and appear calm. I could barely walk I felt an extreme amount of pressure on my cervix but my water didn’t break nor had any bloody show appeared.

What’s going on?!

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At this point, it’s torture with no results. The second day I awaken out of my sleep due to some of the strongest contractions I had experienced to term. I wake up my boyfriend and tell him what’s going on. For an hour we monitored and got ready at the same time. We call my Mom and she automatically knows from the sound of pain in my voice that it was time to go to the hospital. My boyfriend, on the other hand, needed more convincing. I’m not sure if he was just nervous or what, but I had to sternly let him know…this was no false alarm.

It was some of the fastest but safest driving to the hospital we’ve experienced. I go to the ER and they wasted no time to send me to labor and delivery. The nurse and physician assistant saw me first and after about 10 minutes I went into a delivery. Unfortunately, this is when things got complicated. So at 12 weeks, a high-risk doctor placed a cerclage (a procedure to reduce the risk of early labor) apparently he is the only one who can undo his own work. The doctor who was on call this night wasn’t able to remove the stitch so I was only left with an option to get an emergency c-section.

I was devastated, I wanted to have a natural birth, but my emotions had no time because I was in excruciating pain. About an hour and a half after deciding to get the c-section, it was go time. It took about two hours. Although zero of that time was spent awake, I can’t remember too much about the process.

5:18 am on November 9, 2018, my baby girl was here. I heard strong cries from the other side of the blanket. When the nurse brought her to me it was almost as if time stopped. She nestled herself into my cheek and it was a priceless moment I will never forget.

Back in my labor room, I feel a little loopy and itchy. I was fighting sleep until they brought the baby to me. Dad and Grandma talked to me and took pictures of a super delirious Momma as we awaited our Princess. Here she rolls in…6 pounds, 7ounces of beauty.

She’s really here?!? The uncontrollable tears fall. I can’t believe it. This journey was longgggg and very hard but it most definitely was worth it all. I’m so in love, with my Rainbow Baby. I can’t believe it. God is amazing and I am forever grateful. This is just the beginning.

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