Mid-Year Money Check-In: Are You on Track to Close Out 2018 Strong?

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2018-MONEY-GOALSWe’re near the midpoint of 2018, and if you’re anything like me, you probably built a cute to-do list for the year. Some call them “resolutions.” Regardless of what you choose to call it, a lot of us fall off and fail to check to see where we stand with those goals!

One of the major goals that people set for themselves every year is centered around money. No matter if it is how to make more money, get out of debt, or just simply do better – folks want to have their coins in formation. Well, I’m here to help get you financially fit. Try these 4 tips to end 2018 stronger than 45 holds down his Twitter account:


1. Take Audit: Pull yo own receipts!

If you made money goals for this year, pull them out and check where you are! If you aren’t there – reroute your goals like your GPS does. You have time to pull up and wreck your goals! A LOT can happen in 6 months! Give your goals some goals!


2. “Is you happy?”

With saying that in *T.I.’s voice* – you need to gut check where you are holistically. Why? This will allow you to clear up any feelings or mindsets that would block you from your goal. Holding onto negative ish will keep you negative in your personal goal bank. Release the negative to gain the happy. Our goals stem from our perspective.

3. Stop being afraid and pull a Nike – Just do it!

Many people set goals and forget about them. They usually come around in June and look at all those people who stayed committed throughout the year. If this sentiment feels like looking in a mirror, don’t let it make you feel bad. Use others as a muse to get yo ish back in line. We are all people watchers in some form or fashion. Learn from others – no matter if they level up or F’up – learn what to do or not to do. Watch for wisdom.


4. Disappointments can build up to deposits

Often times life can throw us a mean curveball and we don’t see it coming. Tough, I know, but every disappointment you experience is sent to teach you something and make a deposit into your future. What does this have to do with money? Glad you asked. Personally, every time I took a “loss” career wise, it always resulted in a level up in pay. No lie. My perspective of the situation allowed me to see what I needed to gain from that season to implement in the next level. Disappointments serve as deposits in the bank – the one with money and the one in your spirit.


Now, why would I talk about mental when talking about money? The Oprahs and Warren Buffets of the world usually speak to their mindsets being the core of why they were able to obtain their goals. Money can be the motive, but mental is the muscle. When you build one, the other will align more effectively.

Do you have any specific money goals that you need help with? Hit us up in the comments below. We’re here to help. 

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