Our First Parents’ Night Out Was A Success. Here’s How It Went Down.

Parents Night Out Was A ... Success_
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After much debate and an emotional struggle, Bae and I finally took a baby-less vacation. It was our first time away from Nuri since she was born over three months ago. It’s always been one of us here with her while we run errands (two hours max) while one of her Glam-Mommas watches her. We really needed some time to relax and just have some fun, but scheduling that was extremely difficult.

We went one hour away to Philadelphia and stayed in the city so we would be close to all of the attractions. It took us forever to get out of the house and of course, we over packed but we still made it. After parking and check-in, we were offered complimentary drinks by the hotel manager. Sounds cute in theory, however, the drinks were disgusting and not worth me having to pump-and-dump, so after my first sip I ended up leaving my Moscow Mule right with the bartender who gave it to me. We went back to the room to freshen up and get cute for a “night out on the town.”

Philadelphia night life

After dressing and my 20-minute photo session we ubered to the strip on South street where there are several shops, venues, and restaurants. After walking for about all of two minutes we decided that it was way too cold for the plan that we had. We attempted to purchase hats and scarfs so we could continue our night but the stores must have seen us coming because everything was about $5-10 overpriced. Needless to say, that plan was unsuccessful. Plan B was get all the food that we wanted to try and head back to the hotel and that’s what we did.

Ishkabibble in Philadelphia

Can’t come to Philly and not get cheesesteaks, so we stopped at Ishkabibble’s a popular eatery with some bomb food. This is my second time here and we got there early enough that there was no line…score! We got our food went up the street to get some pizza, then back across the street to Dunkin for some hot chocolate. Feeling fulfilled with our dining choices, back in the Uber we go. I accidentally ordered an Uber pool and I definitely paid for it. We had to pick up not one not two but three other riders and the drivers car broke down (luckily only a block away) before we made it back to the hotel. An unnecessarily long cab ride later we are back at the hotel.

We enjoyed the all-star game as we do yearly and ate our now cold food, next thing I know it was morning. I didn’t realize how exhausted I was until that point. All of our elaborate plans to hang out turned into some much-needed rest. It’s the first time we had uninterrupted sleep since even before I gave birth. I had so much anxiety leaving my baby girl for the first time, but she was in good hands with my mom. I called every three hours until I fell asleep and my mom totally understood. I appreciate her for not getting annoyed at our excessive micro babysitting. I don’t see us doing this again for a few more months but it was definitely needed. I’m glad we forced ourselves to get a little break. I encourage all new parents to who have trusted childcare to take a break and do something for themselves, even if it’s only for a few hours.

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08 comments on “Our First Parents’ Night Out Was A Success. Here’s How It Went Down.

    • Imani , Direct link to comment

      Thank you, it’s okay…Sometimes you just have to ditch your plans and just go with the flow. I’m genuinely hoping you can get a night away in your bread future!

  • Elease Colcord , Direct link to comment

    Glam-Momma– you better trademark that, asap! Going out will definitely get easier as the kids get old! Aaaaand then it gets harder again when they are old enough to get in trouble when you’re out. Teenagers– it’s like having toddlers again! (but this time is less cute!)

    • Imani , Direct link to comment

      Hahaha! I can imagine. My twin nieces are 19 and my brother tells me all the time to treasure this age. I hear the stress in his voice lolll. And duly noted, thanks Elease!

  • Anonymous , Direct link to comment

    I can feel what you went through. It’s said that if everything goes by plan life will be boring so don’t you worry

  • Lisa , Direct link to comment

    I feel like there’s a lot of stress involved in the first few times you stay overnight away from your child. Truthfully, my favorite – now that my son is one – is when he stays at his Oma’s overnight and my husband and I stay at hoke. Date night at the house (maybe we go out for lunch) and real sleep in our own bed!

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