Pass Me With Valentine’s Day

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Call me bitter, but when I see blood-red colors decorated throughout the malls and my favorite convenient stores, I just roll my eyes. Valentine’s Day does nothing for me and it shouldn’t for you either.

First of all, the price of chocolates, candies and cards get jacked up for this Hallmark-created holiday. Second, it is the worse gimmick that wrecks havoc in relationships across the country every year. Third, this annual event also potentially irks the nerves of singles and triggers the self-esteem of others.

Women anxiously twiddle their thumbs every year on Valentine’s Day waiting for their significant other to send or bring home a gift.

Some get jealous when a co-worker has a present delivered to their desk. Others want to feel a part of the festivities that they’ll search for an Edible Arrangements coupon to send themselves a box of chocolate-covered fruit.

This day is even extended into our children’s school day.



To simply have a temporary moment of feeling special and, in recent years, to create a post on social media for likes.

I feel bad for anyone who runs themselves ragged every year searching the aisles and dot coms for the right gift to prove their love or like for the woman — in some trifling cases women — in their lives.

In actuality, if us women are looking forward to every Valentine’s Day to know if their better half cares, then reevaluating the relationship is needed.

I haven’t been in many relationships, but if I don’t feel their love or care all year round, pass me with the gift giving on this made up holiday.

I’ll take birthday, anniversary and Christmas gifts any day. Those are actual dates throughout the year that mean something in a relationship between two people.

Catch me in the stores on February 15, when these items are back to regular price or are half off. Sales are worth a celebration.

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Christina Carrega is the co-founder of 32Letter. Photo by Tehreem Saleem

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