Princess Chambers Inc. Celebrates 10 Years Of Prom Dress Giveaways

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By now, your social media feeds are likely filled with viral “promposal” videos and dramatic red carpet arrival photos highlighting all of the preparation and planning for the big night.

What’s missing from all the likes and hashtags is that prom night can cost mom and dad a pretty penny. The cost of prom these days can run deep into the thousands when you factor in all the glitzy details from hair and makeup to the limo ride to the venue.

Luckily, one organization is providing parents with some much-needed financial relief.

In its 10th year, Princess Chambers Inc. is providing New York-area teens an opportunity to receive free designer gowns, shoes, and accessories.

F-R-E-E is music to the ears of every stressed out parent who’s had to pay for prom and then shuttled their kids off to college right after.

The organization’s founder, Jennifer T. Daniels, is planning something extra special this time around.

“This year we are servicing a diverse group of students that include those with developmental disabilities, living in shelters, and students that have lost both their parents. It is our goal that these young women feel like a true princess by the end of our event,” she said in a release.

On Saturday, May 5, at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott, Jennifer and her team will launch the official prom giveaway to help teens in need.

Not only will participants have access to a gown and accessories, they’ll also be given a personal shopping assistant and a makeup pro to teach them how to master a fierce beat for the big night.

Head over to their website for more details on how you can support the cause.

Image courtesy of Princess Chambers, Inc. 

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