Fake Shocker: BET Cancels ‘The Rundown with Robin Thede’

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BET was once known as the MTV for The Culture.

I’m sure you remember Teen Summit, Cita’s World, and Video Soul – the list can go on. Unfortunately, the premier network once laced in culture is no more.

The Rundown with Robin Thede was positioned high due to the host being the ONLY African-American woman to run a late night TV show.

Her hilarious yet cut-throat analyses were born from her previous experience as head writer and contributor to The Nightly Show. The show debuted in October 2017 and gained great ratings. Yet, BET (owned by Viacom) opted to end the series after 1 season.

While disheartening, we can’t really call the move too surprising. We’ve seen BET sway from its former shell as an informative, insightful home for programming over the years.

The Run Down was impeccably laid out (IMO), and instead, it’s BET’s platform in need of revamping.

“I’m thankful that BET took a chance on me and the show,” Thede said in a statement. “I’m already in development on several other projects and I’m looking forward to hosting the TCA Awards on August 4.”

We’re glad to see her handling the decision in typical #BlackGirlMagic fashion – with dignity and pride. Greater opportunities are already on the way.

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