Happy Halloween! #32Crew’s Creepy Movie Picks

32Letters Scariest Movies of All Time
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Whether you’re planning a long evening of Netflix and chillin’ tonight or postponing your creepy watch-a-thon until the weekend, these classics remain the best picks to get you hiding beneath the covers. Up for a good scare? Here are the #32Crew’s picks for scariest flicks of all time. Happy Halloween!

Hellraiser Halloween Movies

Halloween (1978), Hellraiser (1987)

My favorite Halloween movies are Halloween (1978) — it it’s an absolute classic. There was a time when I was terrified to babysit thanks to this movie. Second favorite is Hellraiser – PINHEAD. Nuff said. – Danielle Henry 

Jeepers Creepers Scary Movie

Jeepers Creepers (2001)

This movie had me sleeping with the light on for two weeks. It’s straight vicious and I always thought something was out to get me after watching it. – Candace Amos

Saw, Scream Scary Movies

Saw (2004), Scream (1996) 

The entire Saw and Scream series are my favorites — hands down. They’re the best scary movies that I can enjoy any time of the year. I also know every word of the first Scream. – Christina Carrega

Pet Sematary Movie Poster

Pet Sematary (1983) 

My favorite (scariest) movie would have to be Pet Sematary. The scariest part is that a person could love a pet or person so much they’d knowingly bury them in a place that would bring them back to life— then have to lose them all over again by killing them yourself because they’re deadly now. That’s a whole cycle of scary. – Kari Johnson

Child's Play Chucky, Saw Scary Movies

Child’s Play (1988), Saw (2004) 

I’ve never been a scary movie type of person. I have nightmares for days. My brother had a Chuckie doll and I saw it as an adult and laughed the whole way through. I loved Saw because it wasn’t a typical cheesy movie, I was actually scared. – Imani Henderson

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