Serena Williams Kicks Butt In A Wakanda-inspired Catsuit After Maternity Leave

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Maybe now they’ll learn to stop underestimating Serena Williams.

It’s safe to say Serena Williams made her return from maternity leave by kicking butt and taking names — while looking fabulous in the process, of course!

The tennis champ ended her long respite from the court Tuesday, May 29, at the French Open. Not only did she play well, she crushed Kristyna Pliskova with a Grand Slam win in the first round. Hope the competition enjoyed their fun while she was away!

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Clearly, sis has something major to prove.

Just last week it was revealed that Williams was down-ranked by the Women’s Tennis Association and the French Open from being #1 in the world to #453 — a move many have called out as flat-out sexism.

In any event, Williams opted to take her victory lap in a skintight black catsuit featuring a bright belted trim.

“I call it, like, my Wakanda-inspired catsuit,” Williams said of the look, according to Yahoo! “We designed it way before the movie, but still, it kind of reminds me of that.”

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And it looks like there is probably more on the way. A teaser video went up on her Instagram page, linking to an account simply called @Serena.

All looks aside, the catsuit had an even deeper meaning for the new mom.

“It feels like this suit represents all the women that have been through a lot mentally, physically, with their body to come back and have confidence and to believe in themselves,” Williams said.

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