Let Intention Lead You To Your Goals

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I was on Instagram one day, doing my usual scroll, when one post stopped me dead in my tracks. It wasn’t about “self-care” or “checking on your strong friend” — two concepts which I honor, but can admit have recently peaked in saturation on social media. The post in question was about setting intentions. It’s amazing how these buzzwords can suddenly pop onto your radar and instantly change the trajectory of your path. That’s what “intention” did for me.


After I was slapped silly by that Instagram post, it made me want to look into the concept a little more. A little digging landed me in the realm of yoga — of course, something so serene and detached from our superficial world would derive from yoga.

MindBodyGreen.com, a site dedicated to all things wellness, breaks down the power behind setting intention in that arena:

Setting an intention or dedication for your yoga practice acts like a metaphor to translate your practice off your mat and into your life. It is a vehicle that makes yoga an aspect of your lifestyle, rather than something you do just for exercise.


Psychology Today explained the concept in relation to these far-reaching tasks we set up for ourselves at the stroke of midnight in the beginning of every year. They say you should buck the New Year’s resolution tradition and focus on setting intentions instead.

An intention is a positive call to action about something you want to do, rather than something you don’t want to do but feel that you “should.”

Setting intention eliminates the rat race. Goal-digging is great, but some of us have been doing it for so long that we’re running on autopilot. Our “work” has become nothing more than a habit and what we consider our “wins” are just enough to get us to the next phase. Kudos if you’ve been keeping an orderly to-do list, but it means nothing if the things on that list aren’t creating a greater change within you.

What’s more important is doing things with purpose and setting intentions can get you there.

Now that you’re well-versed in the idea, you probably want to see an example, right? My intention for this week is to take my time in my writing and seek stories that inspire, educate, and uplift.

Your turn. What’s your intention for the week?

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06 comments on “Let Intention Lead You To Your Goals

  • Adrian Jackson , Direct link to comment

    The timing of this piece is so critical. We must pursue more value added efforts!

  • Jade , Direct link to comment

    I definitely needed this. I’m sharing it with everyone I know! I would love to connect on IG. You can find me at @jadecarsonxo!

  • Daè , Direct link to comment

    This gives a whole new meaning to intention is everything. My intention for the week is to seek more freelance clients.

    • Candace Amos , Direct link to comment

      You go, girl! And now that you spoke it into existence, it’s going to happen. ??????

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