Shuwanza Goff Is House Dems’ First Black Woman Floor Director, Making History

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It’s 2019, and people of color are still making history in the world of politics. The latest is Shuwanza Goff, who moves on this week from director of legislative operations for the minority whip to House Democrats’ first black woman floor director, according to Politico.

Goff called the move “daunting” in an interview with the political magazine. Her new duties include providing Majority Leader Hoyer with options about which bills can come to the floor — a departure from just counting votes.

In addition to managing the floor, the University of Tennessee graduate will be running weekly meetings with committees and assisting in setting the overall Democratic agenda.

Last year in a feature for black history month profiling movers and shakers in D.C., Goff reflected on how she got her start on the hill to Roll Call:

Shuwanza Goff, 33, director of legislative operations for House Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer: “When I [got my job], one of the greatest challenges I had to face was the pressure of being the first black woman in this role. Over the years, that pressure has subsided some, but it is certainly something that I’m still cognizant of.”

Congratulations to Ms. Goff!

Image via Politico

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