Side Job Hustle Ideas To Survive The Fourth Quarter

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The hustle to land your next gig can be one of the most exhausting, excruciating and sometimes embarrassing seasons anyone could face. Getting handed a pink slip or being called into the office to get notified that you — along with several others — are being laid off can really bruise the ego.

Unemployment could mean spending countless hours, days and weeks rewriting your resume and cover letter to fit the language of the job listing and yet no response. Why?

Welp! There’s a reason and a season for everything even with companies hiring new employees whether full-time, part-time or seasonal. Right now, we are entering the fourth quarter. No, that’s not a sports reference.

We are saying goodbye to summer in a few days and the fall season, in the business world, means, according to, “…staffs return to full force, recruitment/hiring picks up again to fill any vacant roles before the holidays roll around (and to use up budgets before they run out).”

Depending on the industry, the fourth quarter could also mean only seasonal work is available and the next recruitment for full-time won’t arrive until the spring. Don’t panic though, you can collect a good chunk of cash hustling in different industries to help pay bills and, if you’re lucky, get discounts for holiday shopping.


Target announced hiring approximately 120,000 seasonal team members to serve guests at 1,839 stores across the country along with 7,500 seasonal team members at their distribution and fulfillment centers. Not only does minimum wage start at $12 at Target, you can also get discounts and have a flexible schedule.

A flexible schedule can mean time to work two jobs in one day or allow you the chance to go on job interviews for the next opportunity. Other retails spaces promoting their seasonal hires are: Ulta Beauty, Gap Inc., Macy’s and Nike.


I know what you’re thinking, why would I want to get into accounting as a seasonal job? Well, Liberty Tax Services has an eight- or 10-week income tax preparation course to learn all about properly filing tax returns. The course is free, except for the cost of books, and you can do the course online or in person. So, why not temporarily give another career field a try?

While accountant’s busy season is mostly during the winter months, once you pass the course you can always freelance as a tax preparer for other freelancers who have to (or should) file their income taxes quarterly. Boom! You’ve picked up a second or new career option.

Human Resources

If you have a career in Human Resources, why not pick up a seasonal position while continuing to job hunt? Thanks to, the listing for a Hiring Recruiter/Talent Acquisition Coordinator at companies like UncommonGoodsNFL, KPMG and FedEx are available. Most of those positions require prior experience, but on there are hundreds of seasonal HR positions that assist a full-time employee with data entry.

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