Stacey Abrams To Give Democratic Response To Trump’s State Of The Union Speech

Stacey Abrams To Give Democratic Response to Trump's State of the Union Speech
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Stacey Abrams will be the first sound voice Americans hear after Trump finishes rambling about his border wall dreams.

When Stacey Abrams conceded Georgia’s (unfair) race for governor to Brian Kemp in November, she promised to stay engaged and active. Her first move upon that promise will be delivering the Democratic rebuttal to President Trump’s State of the Union speech next Tuesday night.

“At a moment when our nation needs to hear from leaders who can unite for a common purpose, I am honored to be delivering the Democratic State of the Union response,” Abrams tweeted.

According to reports, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer invited Abrams to deliver the address.

Trump is currently experiencing the lowest approval ratings of his presidency, having pissed everyone off during his month-long government shutdown standoff that sent employed workers to food pantry lines for no reason at all.

Abrams has always been a great speaker and it will be interesting to see how she counters his bluster and bravado while spotlighting the frustrations of everyday Americans.

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