That Time I Met Jill Scott And Got My Whole Life

That Time I Met Jill Scott And Got My Whole Life
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Today, the internet learned that Jill Scott is a grown ass woman. Really, she is grown-grown and that revelation may have been a little too much for some people to take in.

A video of the neo-soul legend in full… ahem… performance mode made the rounds on Twitter today. She successfully entertained and educated her audience at the same damn time. The crowd left with much more than what their ticket was worth. You get it.

Anyway, I was blessed to meet Jilly from Philly in 2016. I was working at the Daily News at the time and covered her concert for the entertainment section. She rocked the house and I was able to interview her back in her dressing room after the show.

Jill was breathtaking, not only in her appearance but in her demeanor. She had this aura of confidence I had never seen before. I thought we would rap about her new projects, but we actually discussed womanhood and love.

The one quote out of our short conversation that I still carry with me today is how she handles her position as a woman in a relationship.

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“If you can’t tell me what to do, then you cannot tell me what to do,” she said.

I was confused by the statement, but she graciously elaborated. “What I meant was not everybody has the right or the authority to put you in your place. It has to be someone you respect; not just someone you spend your time with.”

It was a word I needed to hear. No sooner than this video of her went viral did people misrepresent who she is. The young ones had to Google her and some men were inviting her over or bringing up her past relationships. But Jill has always been this way. Ask Alexa to play “Crown Royal” because you all are late.

Make no mistake, Jill is in full control and I’m living for this unapologetic moment. Now about this new album… we’re ready, Jill!

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