The Audacity of Michelle Obama And Why We Receive It

Michelle Obama Becoming Book Tour
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It’s a new day.
Get your face beat.
Throw on your best wig and those thigh-high Balenciaga boots available only to a few.
If a cuss word bubbles to the top of your psyche, don’t muffle, let it out. Break records and keep breaking them.
Keep adding new legs to the tour like Beyonce.

This is the audacity of Michelle Obama and we receive it.

Mrs. Obama is being reborn before our very eyes. Eight years of state dinners, televised funerals, campaigning for elections and healthy meals in schools will do that to you. I’m so happy she’s finally free to be a flaw-filled individual, putting all of her missteps in print and on front street.

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“Becoming,” By Michelle Obama Is A Blueprint For Telling Your Story

This “Becoming” tour has been nothing short of a whirlwind, like nothing we’ve ever seen from the school of stodgy old first ladies. With the kids practically out on their own and the White House in the rear view, she’s determined to make her second act her best one yet.

What can we learn from Michelle Obama?


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1. Never be afraid of reinvention at any stage in your life. Being who you want to be in the face of naysayers and doubters is healthy.

2. Life is short, buy the shoes. It’s high time to stop denying ourselves the best of life because of our responsibilities and how we think excess would be perceived. (Just make sure you budget and plan accordingly.)

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3. Speak your truth and shame the devil. Projecting perfection has been ingrained in the spirit of black women since the beginning of time. It’s time for us to break those chains. We go through difficulties and fall on hard times and neither are things to be ashamed of. If the concept of having it all is driving you up a wall, let it go. She said it herself, “that shit doesn’t work all the time.”

4. Exude love. Never in the history of first ladies have we seen one be so genuinely accessible, loving, and transparent. I believe this is what she wants to see more in the world and why she gives it away so freely.

5. Never be afraid to go it alone. Being whole is being happy in your own skin. Mrs. Obama is bucking the notion of perfection in search of fulfillment and wholeness.

Michelle Obama is becoming apolitical and pro-real life. We’re only at the cusp of her reinvention, so stayed tuned.

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