This Georgia City’s Criminal Justice System Is Run Entirely by Black Women

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Can you say black girl magic?

We’ll never tire of the term — especially because women of color are consistently proving its truth.

The City of South Fulton in Georgia recently installed an all black female criminal justice system. That’s no exaggeration — the Chief of Police, Chief Judge, court administrator, chief court clerk, City Solicitor and City Public Defender are all black women.


At a time where we are constantly heartbroken by the results of police misconduct and brutality cases, a criminal justice system culturally reflective of its constituents has never been more needed.

“Our goal is to ensure justice for everyone,” Judge Tiffany Carter Sellers told the Atlanta Voice. “However, as African American women we are sensitive to the history of criminal justice in our country. We want to be an example of how to do things right.”

The city, formalized last year, is Georgia’s fifth largest. Here’s to hoping even greater things are in store for the burgeoning municipality.

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