Tiffany Haddish And How To Bounce Back When You’re Off Your Game

Katt Williams attacks Tiffany Haddish's comedy career
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“I told you so…”

The finger-pointing, the schadenfreude, and pure mockery were at an all-time high on New Year’s Day once the internet got word that Tiffany Haddish bombed her New Year’s Eve stand-up set in Miami. Newsflash to the celebrating public: Nobody is perfect and I’m sure if our worst performances at our very regular jobs were broadcast for the world to see, we’d probably cry in somebody’s corner or at least disappear from social media for a while. Haddish did none of the former and actually owned up to having a bad night.

That bad night consisted of first forgetting her jokes, substituting those forgotten jokes for ones that didn’t quite land, and eventually giving up altogether by partying with the remaining audience members who had yet to walk out in disgust.

Bad performances happen, but what’s important is how you choose to handle the aftermath. You can throw your hands up and chuck all your hard work into the nearest garbage can or you can be honest about the work you still need to do to present a better version of yourself next time.

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So how does she—who, let’s be honest is probably holed up in her hotel room trying to hide from TMZ’s cameras—reaffirm to her fan base, industry colleagues, and herself that last night was a one-off?

For starters, own up to it. Per her latest tweet, it appears she already has. She told her supporters that she wished was better and that she reflected on it. If you get caught dropping the ball, be it with a team project at work or even with friends, the best thing you can do is be real about it. People are more keen to dish out a second chance to someone who seems sincere.

Secondly, hustle like hell. I don’t understand why she has so many haters (I rarely use that term, but it fits). She’s just a girl from the hood who’s experienced a lot of hardship in life and she, like many of us, is on a quest to secure her coin. If she never had anything to prove before, she sure does now. Homegirl needs to reel it back in and hit up a smaller club scene just to test out her new material before she tries to step on stage at another arena. Oh, and lay off the Ciroc at least until you get off the stage. There’s nothing wrong with more practice regardless of what career level you happen to be playing from.

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Lastly, you can’t go it alone. Sure, she has Jada Pinkett-Smith and Queen Latifah in her back pocket, but it’s time for her to build some firm relationships with other stand-up comedians who understand what it’s like to step on stage and rip of the dome. No, I‘m not suggesting she crawl back to Atlanta and kiss Katt Williams’ ass. She should connect with the Sommore or Adele Givens, some OG comedians who understand the plight of women in the field.


I wish her the best of luck on her future tour dates and in the rest of 2019.

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