Adding These Two Words To My To-Do List Ramped Up My Productivity

Adding These Two Words To My To-Do List Ramped Up My Productivity (1)
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Do you read self-help books? They don’t always perform as they are intended, so when you find a good one you should spread the knowledge far and wide. I am currently in the middle of “Triggers: Creating Behavior That Lasts–Becoming The Person You Want To Be” by Marshall Goldsmith. I’m pretty sure it’s changed me for the better. I am frequently overwhelmed by everything going on in my life. Not only am I managing my personal to-do list, but as a Type-A, I find myself managing the to-do’s of everyone else, too.

You’re going to love this tip. The first day of it in my arsenal, I was able to work out for 30-minutes, knock off some job applications, and plan content before noon.

Enough babbling, here it is: Before each bullet point, write the words “Did you” and turn it into a question. Amazing, right? The science behind it, especially for over-achievers, is that you are subconsciously guilting yourself into completing each task.

When you read through your list, you should hear your mother or boss’s voice. At the end of each day, you would rate your performance on a scale from 1 to 10 and monitor the results for at least a month. This will show you where you stand with everything going on in your life. In one case presented in the book, a woman found herself scrapping three bullet points off of her daily lists as they became non-essential to her productivity.

So there it is. Sometimes we take on to much and this strategy will help you eliminate things that just aren’t important over time.

Do you have a secret method for getting things done?

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