Summer Body Still Loading? Shop These Tummy-Hiding Swimsuits Not Made For Grandma

Summer Body Still Loading_ Shop These Tummy-Hiding Swimsuits Not Made For Grandma
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Do you know that timely and hilarious meme, “Summer is going to get whatever body I give it”? The one that is often pictured with a toddler with their full gut just hanging over their diaper? Yep, that’s the one. Well, let’s just say I’m deep in the middle of it. For whatever nonsensical reason I had at the time, I decided that I would NOT work out during my pregnancy or even after it. The snapback was just not going to happen because I put in very little effort to make it a reality.

So here we are. My son is 20 months old and summer is two months away. I joined a gym last week in hopes of reducing the circumference of my midsection but based on how quickly I darted out of that place, I don’t think it’s going to make much of a difference. So, me and this gut will be hanging out together at least until the fall.

In the meantime, guess who is still getting in that pool at the first sign of a mild heat wave? Me! And guess who won’t be hiding her newly curvy body in some shapeless muumuu? That’s right, me again. However, I will be looking cute in whatever body I have. If you’ve found yourself in a similar predicament, check out some of these tummy-hiding swimsuits that are currently in my shopping cart.

Becca Socialite Ruffle One-Piece Tummy-Hiding-Swimsuit
BECCA Double Tie Front One-Piece Tummy-Hiding Swimsuit
Tapestry Bloom One-Piece Tummy-Hiding Swimsuit
TOPSHOP, Snake Print One-Piece Tummy-Hiding Swimsuit
TOPSHOP Fishnet Scoop Neck Tummy-Hiding Swimsuit
Topshop Scallop One-Shoulder Tummy-Hiding Swimsuit
MARA HOFFMAN Kia Cutout One-Piece Tummy-Hiding Swimsuit
BILLABONG x Sincerely Jules Dos Palmas One-Piece Tummy-Hiding Swimsuit
CHELSEA28 Scallop Bandeau One-Piece Tummy-Hiding Swimsuit
TOPSHOP Split Middle Neoprene Tummy-Hiding Swimsuit
TAVIK Luna Colorblock Plunge One-Piece Tummy-Hiding Swimsuit
SOLID & STRIPED The Poppy One-Piece Swimsuit
TORY BURCH Constellation One-Piece Swimsuit
MADEWELL Second Wave Daisy Print One-Piece Swimsuit
TAVIK Monahan One-Piece  Swimsuit

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